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Bounties for the Oceans - Sustained, Verifiable Plastic Cleanups

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Bounties for the Oceans

The Bounties Network is partnering with MakeDao to address the state of our oceans and incentivize plastic cleanup action on a local and global level.

Some dire stats from the UN:

  • 80% of all pollution in the ocean comes from people on land.
  • 8 million tonnes of plastic per year ends up in the ocean, wreaking havoc on wildlife, fisheries and tourism.
  • Plastic pollution costs the lives of 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals per year.
  • Fish eat plastic, and we eat the fish.
  • Plastic causes $8 billion in damage to marine ecosystems each year.

With Bounties for the Ocean, we are asking people everywhere to submit verifiable proof of their direct plastic cleanup contribution as a way of fostering widespread and long-term behavioral shift. Do not depend on centralized organizations, go out there and do it yourselves.

Definition of Done & Requirements

  • Upload a photo of yourself with plastic you have cleaned up from a park, beach, street, riverbank etc.
  • The photo must be at the cleanup site, with the day's newspaper, a piece of paper with the date on it or camera date stamp (Instagram has this as a filter if needed)
  • Live tweet your image, tag @MakerDao and @ethBounties using #bountiesfortheoceans and upload a screenshot


  • Yes, you can make a difference
  • Each correct submission will be rewarded with 10DAI on acceptance
  • It is important to continue efforts beyond World Ocean Day and curb your use of plastic as much as possible in daily activities





Vlad Dumitru


Clean up in Vantaa, Finland :)



Erwin Ganiban

July 15, 2019
Plastic bottles collected from peatc compound and cavitex hi-way.

Vlad Dumitru


This is my first submission from my Finland trip . Cheers

Keep our environment clean!

Keep our environment clean!



–°ollected plastic trash along the road.
July 12, 2019


two times a week we collect old plastic and make it ready for transport and we will do it again and again for our future and the clean nature)