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A Decentralized Video Map of the World

A bee's eye view of the world

"If a bee were a superhero, its sight would be its super power."

Even though humans can see more colors, bees have a much broader range of color vision. Their ability to see ultraviolet light gives them an advantage when seeking nectar. Their color vision is the fastest in the animal world and five times faster than humans.

Building on this broader and more nuanced view of the world, we'd like to create a decentralized map through the eyes of the people experiencing the world from different locations. Documenting home towns, places you currently live in, places you're visiting or working from - we're after a personal glimpse through your eyes - able to pick up what centralized lenses cannot capture.

We will then create a map of the world featuring all the videos submitted and their corresponding location.

Definition of Done

  • A video (5 minute max. but it can be anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes - whatever you feel is sufficient) of your home town, current residence or location highlighting why you enjoy it/dislike it, how you feel it's different from how it's been portrayed in the media, why you feel the world should see it in its true colours, what makes it special to you etc.

  • Include any popular, well recognized or unique places in the city, why they are special

  • Commentary (voice on video if possible) about who you are and why you're in the location, describing what you are experiencing/filming, why you have chosen to record the video, why you think it matters.

As a loose structure, it should answer the following questions:

  1. Who you are and where?
  2. How is the place different/special/interesting?
  3. What you love about it?
  4. What could be better about it?


A correct submission will:

  • Be in good quality video in portrait mode if filmed on a phone (mp4 file is easiest)
  • Have good quality, audible, intelligible commentary
  • It does not need to be in English if you feel more comfortable sharing this in your own language. We will need to translate the footage before we can accept the submission so please include a contact for someone who could perform the translation if possible
  • Follow the loose structure detailed above
a yearexpired






Bratton, Wiltshire, England - One of my favourite local places, beautiful, peaceful, and of great historic significance in the formation of the English nation.

My favorite city

This is a world of my own. Find out in this video

This is the rejoicing of my life. To teach people how to use resources like time, money, people etc.


Video of my hometown


My Decentralized World. This video shows you what?


BF Suma changed my life for ever, that alone get me interested in life. I find reasons to encourage alot of people to mind their health as a result of things I have seen all my useful life.


My Place is a Mystery as I have encountered great transformation in My Place. Watch this and try to come and see. Remember "If you stand where I stood, then you will see what I saw"