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Upgrade fuse explorer (blockscout)

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Project scope

Blockscout is the block explorer of our network. It is available on https://explorer.fuse.io/. We are using a fork of the v1 version of the explorer, while the latest version is v3. We seek to update our fork version to the latest one avaiable. All code is open sourced here https://github.com/fuseio/blockscout.


Rebase our fork with the latest (v3) blockscout version, bringing all the changes to the forked version. The changes include:

  • our customizations of UI (css) and texts, links, etc
  • The live dashboard on top of the explorer
    bonus point: setup a synced version of the explorer on a given EC2 instance.


Definition of Done

  • PR on our repo with the changes that fulfil the requirements
  • a demonstration that the PR fulfils the requirements.
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  • Thanks for @Mulenga Bowa for completing this Solid job!

  • Hello everyone Because Mulenga worked on the explorer before, we think he will be the most suitable person to do this. @Mulenga Bowa you're good to good 💪

  • Hi, I have two approaches on this First approach: - fetch latest blockscout upstream master - rebase fuse.io/blockscout/master off blockscout upstream master (i tried it locally and only 25 commits will be applied) Second approach which will be used if first approach fails: - manually apply the changes Both will ensure you can update the repo in the future

  • ﹒ 2 months ago

    @Leon Prouger I found the error of the page https://explorer.fuse.io/ and sent an email to leonprou@gmail.com, leon@fuse.io You have exposed a database of information and some important configurations on the system Please check email from coder10102020@gmail.com

  • Hi, I can give this a go. Plan: i will fork the blockscout explorer then do the required changes. in a day or two i should be able to submit a PR.

  • UPDATE: Hey everyone, can't update the bounty info so writing a comment here instead We would like to select a person (or a team) working on a bounty ourselves. So before starting working, please provide a short plan of action and wait until our approval. We expect for all the contesters to apply in the following days, so we could decide on Tuesday (August 25th).

  • Hey Lahcen, sure we just open this yesterday. Please tell if you need anything to start We have an issue for this https://github.com/fuseio/blockscout, so we can continue the conversation there

  • ﹒ 2 months ago

    is it still open? I would like to work on it