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Axie Infinity Dragon Quest Bounty!





Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired digital pet universe where players can battle, raise, and collect fantasy creatures called Axies. Axie highlights the benefits of blockchain technology through play to earn gameplay and a player-owned economy.

In the future, players will be able to put their Axies to work attacking resource nodes and harvesting tokens in an open-world called Lunacia. Land will also serve as a launchpad for user-generated content!

We're joining the Dragon Quest Hackathon to engage new community developers.

We have 3 simple hacks on our wishlist!

A tool to track total number of secondary market participants over time
Our player economy is the lifeblood that helps align incentives between the Axie core team and our community. We'd love to see a simple tool that helps track secondary market participants over time. A secondary market participant can be defined as a unique address that interacts with our marketplace contract.

Market contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xf4985070ce32b6b1994329df787d1acc9a2dd9e2

A tool to track new Axie holders per day over time
Growth is so important to our ecosystem. We'd love to see a simple tool that tracks the number of new Axie holders per day over time.

Axie Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0xf5b0a3efb8e8e4c201e2a935f110eaaf3ffecb8d

SLP spent on breeds per day chart/tool
In order to breed, Axies need Small Love potions(SLP) which can be earned only by playing our mobile app. This ensures that there's "proof of play" for each additional Axie that is born in the ecosystem. We'd love a simple tool/chart that helps us track how much SLP is being "burnt" on breeds per day.

SLP are erc 20 tokens.

SLP Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x37236cd05b34cc79d3715af2383e96dd7443dcf1?a=0xf4158e282F2317597E31c028978C7fb7275d6Fb4
Breeding Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x01aac5236ad205ebbe4f6819bc64ef5bef40b71c

Definition of Completion
We would love to be able to take the code and host it easily on Axieworld.com, our community fan site that hosts a bunch of Axie data. We can put you in touch with the owners of the site to facilitate this.

We will pick 2 winners to split a prize pool of 1 ETH and 150 USD of Luna, Axie's native token.

3rd place will receive 50 DAI.

All valid submissions will receive a team of Axies!

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Here is my minimalistic tool to show relevant data from Axie Infinity, I've used historical data from etherscan and also built updater tool to read transactions and logs for transfers. I used MariaDB to store and aggregate data and Chart.js to visualise it.

Added SLP Burn/Day Chart and Unique Addresses interacting with both Axie Market and Opensea auctions for Axies.