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MetaGame, Character Contept Art & Pixel Art 10in1




MetaGame (a massive online coordination game) is growing to be something like a real-life role-playing game, a layer 2 for real life.

Project Scope

Early version (https://interspace.metagame.wtf/) of the game is 2D, and we need to level up our graphics / illustrations!


We need people to imagine & design the characters then turn them into pixel art.
We don't need people spending a lot of time or showing a lot of skill on illustrations, as what we need in the end is the pixel art.
What matters in this re-imagining & illustrating characters is simply imagination.
Let it run wild, but don't spend too much time detailing.
Note that there are no races in MetaGame. Players change colors as they progress through the game. Starting pale, proceeding to green, then blue, & finally purple.

Here are all the characters that need to be re-imagined and illustrated:

  • Warrior (Operations)
  • Archer (Design)
  • Paladin (Coordinator)
  • Monk (Product)
  • Bard (Community)
  • Merchant (Finance)
  • Hound (Legal)

Already illustrated, needs to be remade as pixel art.
This is the part that requires pixel art skill:

Audience, Tone, Style, & Feel

  • Weirdest of the weirdest, outliers. Crypto punks. Anarcho-collectivist.
  • We basically want you to go crazy with creativity, don’t be afraid to draw something that looks out of a sci-fi movie, a post-apocalyptic movie, cyberpunk / vaporwave themed, or something that looks more like a living being than a building.
  • You may notice there already are buildings up on Interspace, but don't use them as inspiration; they need to be reimagined


Here’s some existing MetaGame art / design / assets for inspiration:

Definition of Done

Vector files or .psd for each individual building or character delivered

Things to Note

This is 10 bounties, not one.

  • You may create just 1 or multiple of these art pieces.
  • As this includes many small bounties rather than one, the reward is variable. You are free to request more or ask to be paid in MetaGame Seeds instead.
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Here is my submission. if its look good I will send you full size .svg file