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DappHero is the easiest way to build a blockchain-powered website. It works in any website that uses HTML and allows you to skip complicated code or frameworks and use simple No-code or lo-code tools such as Webflow or Glitch to build a website that connects to Ethereum.

Project scope

What is the project for?

Build something cool with DappHero! We're looking for great examples of projects built with DappHero. It can be anything, surprise us, impress us!

Is this for a private or open-source project?

The resulting code/project should be open-source for others to use and learn from.

Do you need to provide a brief to follow?
We are looking for any cool uses of DappHero, we are open to considering any project as long as it hasn't won a DappHero award previously!


What requirements do you have for bounty fulfillers?

1)Sign up at
2)Read the docs and tutorials
3)Build something cool!

Are there any rules or constraints for your bounty?

All you need to do is build something new and cool with DappHero!

Are there any technical pre-requisites or credentials needed to complete it?

We want to see more complicated use cases of DappHero, integrations with jQuery or NFTS, or build something new on top of it!

If you've built websites before, this should be a breeze to use DappHero. DappHero works natively on any HTML website, and you can get some great functionality by combining with React or Jquery or whatever javascript framework you prefer! But don't worry- you can get started using plan HTML as well!


Make sure to provide any resources the fulfiller might need in order to complete this bounty (assets, repositories, permissions, etc…). Describe them briefly and if there are any guidelines that should be followed when using them or getting set up.

  • Documentation:
  • Admin (Find tutorials here):
  • Telegram group (for help):

Definition of Done

What do bounty fulfillers need to include in a submission in order for it to be accepted (eg a link to a pull request or issue)? List the final expected deliverables.

  1. Create a project in the DappHero Admin
  2. Build a website that uses DappHero
  3. Profit!* (well show us the website!)

*If we select your project as the winner! (There will be one winner)

Things to Note

Is there any other information you'd like potential fulfillers to know about you or the bounty? Does the bounty require any additional materials or information that either party might need to provide to facilitate effective communication and/or collaboration?

If you have questions, feel free to get in touch via telegram:
We will be hosting some Webinars on DappHero as well, so stay tuned for those.

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Blockchain Snake Game

Combining the Classic Snake game and the latest technology: Blockchain, this game aims to reward crypto to the Players that score better than the rest.

In order to start the match, the player deposits 1 ETH into the Game Pool and begins the game. On biting one's tail or hitting the wall, the game ends and the score is sent to the Game's Smart Contract. If the player's score is greater than the current overall player's score average than he is rewarded with 1 ETH (initial deposit) + 1% winning prize (0.01 ETH). Loser's lose entire 1 ETH.

The entire blockchain interaction is handled via DappHero, game logic in phaser.js.

The game follows a unique concept of Game Thoery:
If the OverallAverageScore to beat is lower, than the players can easily win emptying out our Prize Pool, but because in order to win the score must be higher than the Total Average Score that means that with each new win the target to beat (Overall Average) keeps on increasing meaning that it becomes more difficult for each following player. This means more less skilled players now lose, losing their 1 ETH deposit thereby maintaining a balance between Prize Pool Reserves and Score To Beat.

LIVE DEMO (Rinkeby):
Video demo link in GitHub Repo.

Not Accepted

I built a cute QR code generator using dapp-hero connection to metamask and fetching the user address. Here is a recorded demo video as well: (password: bounty)

Not Accepted

I have a donation page using dapphero.

Not Accepted

I set up an ETH donation button using dapphero to (hopefully) aid in gaining funding for my project, which aims to be an all-in-one platform for the creation, collection, and collaboration on digital media NFTs (currently focusing on art but will be expanding once we gain funding and team members)

Not Accepted