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MetaGame, Houses Concept Art & Pixel Art 8in1


graphic design



MetaGame (a massive online coordination game) is growing to be something like a real-life role-playing game, a layer 2 for real life.

Project Scope

Early version (https://interspace.metagame.wtf/) of the game is 2D, and we need to level up our graphics / illustrations!


We need people to imagine & design the buildings then turn them into pixel art.
We don't need people spending a lot of time or showing a lot of skill on illustrations, as what we need in the end is the pixel art.
What matters in this re-imagining & illustrating houses is simply imagination.
Let it run wild, but don't spend too much time detailing.

Here are all the buildings that need to be re-imagined and illustrated:

  • House of DAOs (a place to discuss, discover & launch DAOs, somewhat of a pyramid)
  • House of DeFiance (a place to discuss DeFi, something finance & defying themed)
  • RaidGuild HQ (Guild / armory themed, inspiration: https://raidguild.org )
  • Stress Test Arena (some sort of arena / coliseum type thing)
  • Radio Tower (some futuristic radio tower type thing)
    These two & their entrances need to be sideways, like so:
  • MetaFam HQ (the most important building. Somewhat of a church, somewhat of a citadel. Octopus themed / octopus on top)
    The entering arc needs to be on top side:
  • Garden of Eden (nice zen garden themed)

Already illustrated, needs to be remade as pixel art.
This is the part that requires pixel art skill:

Audience, Tone, Style, & Feel

  • Weirdest of the weirdest, outliers. Crypto punks. Anarcho-collectivist.
  • We basically want you to go crazy with creativity, don’t be afraid to draw something that looks out of a sci-fi movie, a post-apocalyptic movie, cyberpunk / vaporwave themed, or something that looks more like a living being than a building.
  • You may notice there already are buildings up on Interspace, but don't use them as inspiration; they need to be reimagined


Here’s some existing MetaGame art / design / assets for inspiration:

Definition of Done

Vector files or .psd for each individual building or character delivered

Things to Note

This is 18 bounties, not one.

  • You may create just 1 or multiple of these art pieces.
  • As this includes many small bounties rather than one, the reward is variable. You are free to request more or ask to be paid in MetaGame Seeds instead.
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here is my submission i hope you like it

Just few examples, for start talking about this project. Concept and Idea

Here I sent a swordsman and orc that I create long time ago. if that the kind of work that you want so maybe I'll design 'Hyunkel" from Dai no daibouken (btw I am a fan of Dragon Quest game and anime. I read all manga hahaha)