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MetaCartel - Dragon Quest: Raid Guild Role's Bounty 🔖

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graphic design



Raid Guild Wants You ⚔️

About Us

A Decentralized Collective of Mercenaries Ready to Slay Web3 Product Demons.

Bounty Description:

Design Role Badges 🧛🏼

Explore a visual language for an icon set to the Raid Guild to use to reward our members for participation. Think more about a style that can be easily repeated as new badges are dreamt up by the Guild.

Task: Design or 3 icons for one (or both) of the following

A. Raid Class Icons

The Guild would like icons for each role. Use the set of current classes in the Guild here as a reference.

B. Raid Participation Badges

A simple icon set that can visualize member participation like "voted 100 times", "submitted 10 proposals to the dao", etc.

Deliverable Specs:

  • Minimum 1200px x 1200px JPG/PNG
  • SVG preferred, but JPG/PNG ok


250 DAI to the winner

Disclaimer 👹 All Raid Guild bounties are applicable for entry into the DAO 👹

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