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MetaCartel - Dragon Quest : Estonia DAO Logo and Meme




dragon quest


Estonia DAO, the decentralised organisation for the 60k+ Estonia residents from around the world is looking for creative submissions for both a Logo and Meme to represent Estonia DAO.

Estonia DAO is a fun experiment that is creating a path to Universal Basic Income and the first decentralised digital nation. After the Dragon Quest Hackathon (end of April 2020), Estonia e-residents will be able to:

  • Authenticate their Estonia E-ID with Estonia DAO to claim their membership token
  • Participate in governance and voting decisions with the 60k+ other Estonian e-residents from around the world
  • Receive income from interest-bearing digital assets collectively owned by e-residents
  • Collectively own digital assets
  • Earn verified on-chain reputation based on contributions

Please note that Estonia E-residency represents a borderless jurisdiction. It is therefore not necessary to have the Estonian flag or other elements of Estonian culture in the logo or meme. The aspirations of Estonia DAO are rather global, or even inter-planetary in nature.

Meme Requirements

Meme driven development is a tried and true practice for creating awesome things. We need to identify the meme of Estonia DAO which accurately reflects our raison d'existence. Below are a few suggestions to guide you in the right direction but are by no means set in stone and we very much want and expect your creativity to shine with new suggestions.

  • "The first decentralized digital nation"
  • "Bringing UBI to the first decentralized digital nation"
  • "The DAO backed by verified world citizens"
  • "The decentralised organisation for Estonia e-residents"

Submit the meme as well as a brief description elaborating on what is being communicated. If you're having difficulty grokking this, checkout the Wikipedia page on memes.

Logo Requirements

The logo must be either original work or open licensed content that can be freely re-used.

The "look and feel" of the logo should match the meme.

The logo should be in SVG format with a transparent background. Preview images can be submitted as PNGs or JPGs.

The logo should meet the following requirements:

  • Only use vectorial graphics (no photos)
  • The "look and feel" should match the Meme below.
  • The final logo should be in SVG format with a transparent background. Preview images can be submitted as PNGs or JPGs.
  • Look good even when scaled down

Definition of Done

Submitted preview image of the logo and meme as described above.

The top 5 submitters will be each granted a bounty of at least 20 DAI.

We will pick one submitter to do further refinements. On approval, the final images for the logo and meme will be sent in SVG, as well as a signed release of us being able to use the images on the web, stickers & t-shirts, and for printed materials. This final submission will be awarded at least 300 DAI.

In addition to the logo SVG, the final product will also include the following:

  • Twitter cover photo (horizontal in nature)
  • Website preview image, something that is displayed when sharing. (Example)
  • Description of meme that can be used across Estonia DAO shilling materials.


  • Step 1: find the meme.
  • Step 2: create a logo that expresses that meme.
  • Step 3: create variations on the theme that we can use around the internet
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Heading the UBIquity.

Not Accepted

Good logos are memes and good memes are logos

Not Accepted

A second glimpse of "Estonia Dao". I have reimagined my last Submission, and it is quite good. (Now i agree with myself)