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MetaCartel- Dragon Quest: Build a game using Gnosis' conditional token framework

Conditional Tokens



Dragon Quest



Gnosis has developed the conditional tokens open framework. Conditional tokens are an application agnostic, new asset class designed to facilitate the creation of highly liquid prediction markets. Conditional tokens enable combinatorial outcomes for higher resolution information discovery through prediction markets.

The conditional tokens framework allows you to:

  • Make simple markets on the likelihood of a given event.
  • Make complex markets about how the likelihood of an event is affected by any other event.
  • Trade any asset under the condition that a specific event occurs.

Prediction markets are the main use case for conditional tokens, which the Sight prediction market platform and other Gnosis Ecosystem projects build on. Conditional tokens have a wide range of additional use cases, from awarding access rights in games to paying milestone-based and social impact bonds.
In this post, we introduced how conditional tokens can be used in games: from a maze game to a collective Futarchy AI player in games like Tic Tac Toe, Chess, and Go.


Create one of the games described in the Tokens, Gaming, and Forking Gardens article.
Optional: you can create and build your own game using the conditional token framework.

Acceptance criteria:

Forking Gardens game:
Build a maze game based on conditional tokens
At the beginning, players share an initial starting point and must decide, commit, and invest in which route to take.
Technically, this means they take a position and purchase, using any collateral token, the conditional tokens that represent their chosen route.
Then, the adventure starts, and the players are guided through the maze according to their decision.

You can get creative here and build your own maze universe. You can also use open source templates (if available for the maze). The main focus should be the integration of the conditional tokens into the gameplay or mechanics.

Futarchy AI player:
Pick a game like Tic Tac Toe, Chess or Go which have a greater combinatorial set of outcomes.
The game should be connected to a Futarchy market which will define the moves of one player. The other move will be made by a single player.

Comments: you don’t have to build the game from scratch. Instead, you can use existing open source code. The main focus should be on using conditional tokens to build a Futarchy market to decide on the moves of player one.

Wild Card:
You have another idea how to use conditional tokens for a game!
Feel free to pursue this route.
Conditional tokens should play a major role in the game.

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Useful Links:
Conditional Token Framework Developer Portal:

Blog post describing how conditional tokens can be used for gaming:

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