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MetaCartel - Dragon Quest: Build a dapp with the Gnosis Safe contract proxy kit



Dragon Quest




The Gnosis Safe is a smart contract wallet that allows for several features that enhance user experience such as batching transactions and meta transactions. Find out more about the Gnosis Safe in the Gnosis developer portal.
The contract proxy kit (CPK) is an SDK that allows easy integration of Gnosis Safe proxy accounts in your dapp.


Write a dapp of your choice by leveraging the CPK according to the

Acceptance criteria

  • Your dapp is deployed somewhere publicly accessible on Rinkeby or Ethereum mainnet (Please provide a URL)
  • Your code is open source (Please provide a link to the source code)
  • There is a brief screencast showcasing your dapp.
  • Every new user of your dapp gets a Gnosis Safe via the CPK
  • At least 1 of the following is leveraged:
    • Transaction batching
    • Safe contract modules


1000 DAI for the best one submitted

5 monthsremaining
2 revisionsexpected





Not Accepted

Contract (Mainnet): 0xDEAD120FB5Aad12a3D3cAd140C66dad2A6739422

DeFi apps enabling censorship-resistant alternatives for things like payments, remittances, digital assets, loans, derivatives, and other financial products and services have been the most popular application for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies since their inception.

As the growth of DeFi leads more and more individuals to embrace the ideals of decentralization, the industry must face one of its most pressing challenges: the key management problem.

Missing or stolen private keys have already caused the loss of millions of dollars worth of digital assets. As more and more individuals embrace the ideals of decentralization, a pivotal question remains: “what happens to my digital assets when I can’t access them anymore?”

Introducing Alfred.

Alfred protects your money now…and your financial legacy later.

Alfred gives people a way to transfer their digital assets to one or multiple addresses in the event they fail to check-in using our customizable dead man’s switch.

Sign a transaction to create your Estate, designate your beneficiaries and how much of your assets they should receive, and set the time on your dead man’s switch. Once you click “Enable," that’s it!

If you fail to generate proof-of-life by clicking the “Check-In” button before time elapses, Alfred will transfer the assets in your Estate in accordance with your wishes.

Alfred uses transaction batching to create or sync the Gnosis Safe and set the owner as the individual deploying the transaction and to add the Estate to the Safe as a recovery module and update the recovery settings in the Estate.

The Estate contract serves as a Gnosis Safe Recovery Module, allowing the designated executor and beneficiaries to recover the estate should the owner ever lose access to their wallet.

In the future, users will be able to allow the executor to settle outstanding loans before distributing assets to beneficiaries and enable the executor to optionally withdraw a preset amount of funds to cover debts.

Thanks to Alfred, your digital assets will remain in trusted hands.