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MetaCartel - Dragon Quest : Proof of Achievement integration with Kickback





Dragon Quest




Kickback is a meetup dapp with unique “Skin in the game” mechanism. Participants commit ETH/DAI/ERC20 tokens to RSVP, lose their commitment if they don’t turn up and will be shared among those turned upIt has been used at various hackathons and social meet-ups with great turn-ups though the recent COVID-19 is hitting us hard (like any other event/community-related business), forcing us to explorer other use cases.

Challenge summary

Rather than mark all attendee of the event as “checked in”, think about/build ways to only check in people who achieve something such as winning games, completing missions, etc so that the pool of commitment is used as crowd-funded reward. You can build your own game apps etc but would be even cooler if you can make use of existing web services and APIs


  • “Selfie contest at CryptoVoxels”= At CryptoVoxels, you can take photos at a parcel that gets posted on its home page. CV actually exposes the data at . Can you create a “selfie contest app” where participants vote best photos and top x gets all the commitment?
  • Fitbit 1 month challenge = Fitbit already offers a way to create a leaderboard to compete the steps with your friend. Can we have a competition platform to award top achievers?
  • Game tournament = If there are any e-sports platforms, can you integrate with Kickback to turn it into a crowdsourced tournament event platform?
  • MOOC completion reward = Get paid if you complete MOOC (Massively Open Online Courses, such as Coursera, Udacity).

How to integrate your project into Kickback

We currently integrate with POAP, Proof of Attendance Protocol ( to check in people who own POAP NFT token. You can watch the user flow here can use a similar approach to integrate with your project.

Submission specification.

  • If you create a separate service, the code belongs to you but please make the license permissive (eg, MIT, Apache).
  • When integrating your API endpoint/service with Kickback, please fork our frontend and raise PR
  • The submission has to have a clear instruction of how to set it up
  • The submission has to have a working prototype and demo video.

Any other questions?

Please join our discord #dev channel

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Due to COVID-19, people now engage more in online meetups but this also increases the possibility of not attending the online meetup. This increases the overhead for the organizers to check the progress of their participants and also the organizers need a process to automate the check-in in their meetup.


Our proposal is an app where the organizer can create checkpoints for their online events in which the organizers can create quizzes based on the context of their event with a timer attached to it and then share it with the participants for them to solve. The organizer has the power to start and end the quizzes. To automate the process of check-in, the organizers can directly do it in the kickback website with just a click of a button that calculates the list of participants who have cleared all the checkpoints they created in their event based on the result of the quizzes participants have solved. This will force the participants to take the checkpoints seriously otherwise they will lose their staked amount.
We have used 3Box storage API for Database in node js server.

Live Demo

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With so many events and conferences being canceled for Covid19, there is a growing need to organize online, but not just a "zoom channel for 500 people" way. A large part of going to a conference is meeting other people that wouldn't normally meet- the value is in the people mixer aspect of conferences. Today we need to better connected and build our social networks to be more wide ranging and diverse which will help society to both become more resilient to economic stresses but also allows for more social progress to occur.
The virtual online event mixer platform called Mix Opinions helps brings people together by allowing a presenter to configure questions which will divide conference members into maximumly diversified groups (like based on skill or background).


My proposal is to use Kickback to encourage people to participate in these online mixers, which are already being used to organize MetaCartel hackathons through MixOpinions. Using Kickback will provide an incentive for people to both come to the event and complete at least one 'mixer' where they have the opportunity to meet others. In this way, Kickback is also an incentive for members to be social for one full 'mixer round' before being able to leave the event if they choose. It can be a great way that encourages people to engage in the important activity in meeting a diverse mixed group of people.

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A bot to record the fitness goals of the day!