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MetaCartel - Dragon Quest : Pepo UX Awards 🏆





🎉1000 Dai total prize pot to the best UX experience by projects created during MetaCartel's Dragon Quest Hackathon.

🤩 500 DAI 1st place
🤑 250 DAI each for two runners up

We've been running our UX awards across the hackathon calendar since Waterloo 2019 and have seen a great progression in the attention hackers are giving to UX when building - and that attention and care should be rewarded!

Here are the top 6 essentials for Great UX to keep in mind when building.


  • Setup an account on Pepo
  • Once you're setup on Pepo, record a video stating your team name and give us your 30 second elevator pitch about what you built. Make it creative!
  • Tag the video with #UXAwards and #DragonQuest & include a link to additional info (deck, Github etc.) *the link field in the app starts in the middle of the box
  • Fill in this form

All steps above are mandatory for your project to be considered

Definition of Done

✅ Submission should include all requirements listed above
😃 Include the link to your Pepo video in the submission (you can get the link by clicking the "share" arrow in the app)
🔥Make your pitch stand out

Things to Note

Join the Dragon Quest Discord to checkout other hackathon bounties and do ask us questions about the Awards via Pepo or in our #Pepo-Help channel in the DQ Discord.

This bounty is only open to projects submitting to the Metacartel Dragon Quest Hackathon April 1st - April 30th 2020

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