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My name is Derek Geisler and I am an early investor into the KICK Token and also taken part in the alpha and beta testing of It is an incredible opportunity whether you plan on signing up for free or investing into the platform.

You will receive a welcome bonus from KickEx which started at 100,000 and is now down to 10,000-50,000 as we get closer to the exchange launch date. These tokens will be deposited to your referral account. 1,000 KICK will be deposited to your ETH address from my personal account.

Historical data has proven that the token price is capable of sky rocketing to nearly $1 per token which makes it a very lucrative opportunity. KICK has been distributed to over 1,000,000 ethereum user addresses. Has over 17,000 referral sign ups, had its first ecosystem element launched in 2017, and started development in 2015.

Kick Ecosystem encompasses the aggregated expertise of:
10 years of fundraising experience of founder
18 000 members of private investors network
350 projects analysed and evaluated
35 funded accelerated startups
70 000 of community supporters worldwide

Mar 20, 2020
0.000022 - Open Price
0.000031 - 24 Hour High
0.000021 - 24 Hour Low
0.000027 - Closing Price
124,883 - 24 Hour Volume
292,286 - Market Capitalization

Feb 09, 2020
0.000539 - Open Price
0.000760 - 24 Hour High
0.000395 - 24 Hour Low
0.000697 - Closing Price
1,141,230 - 24 Hour Volume
531,268,692 - Market Capitalization

Oct 04, 2017
0.278380 - Open Price
0.894248 - 24 Hour High
0.248221 - 24 Hour Low
0.248221 - Closing Price
29,278.70 - 24 Hour Volume
79,713,141 - Market Capitalization

Total users registered - 707,088
Total rewards - 39,861,225,000 KICK, $757,363 USD

Kick Ecosystem is a set of synergistically interacting fintech tools that form a “single window system” and cover all the financial needs of each user from all over the world. This provides value to the token. It is more than a simple trading tool, it can actually be used for payments via the KICKPay payment gateway, coverage of trading fees, and for payment in KICKICO bidding style ICO auctions. These are important factors that add liquidity to the token. Incentivized volume support will attract arbitrage traders to the platform and further boost the liquidity value of the KICK Token when they are rewarded for high volume trades. The frozen algorithm prevents the dumping of share price from airdropped tokens while the referral program prevents users from extracting value via nefarious sign ups, the referral tokens are only used in the ecosystem and can not be liquidated without using the platform as it was meant to be used. KICKID allows seamless integration for web developers to integrate the ecosystem into their own web pages and allows the web of KICK Token inputs to expand exponentially.

The platform is due to launch more segments of its ecosystem coming this Q3 of the financial year 2020 which should see a huge influx of token users as they will be able to use them on the exchange for the first time since its launch, the price will depend on the volume of trades, given the fact that it has undergone extensive testing, people are already using the exchange, it should have a bright future full of active traders unlike most new decentralized exchanges which quickly suffer due to low trading volume.


Definition of Done

Submit your proofs. You will receive 100,000 KICK Tokens to your referral account just for using my link. I will send an additional amount of KICK Tokens from my personal account, these tokens are not "frozen" and you can use them on any exchange where they are accepted.

  1. screenshot of your referral account on
  2. paste the link to your Facebook post about this bounty

Things to Note

If you have any other questions regarding this opportunity please feel free to send me a message or call me 1(949)619-5480 I would be more than happy to explain why this is an excellent opportunity to invest into, otherwise please feel free to sign up for free and practice trading with a demo account!

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