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Create a Splunk Dashboard for Dappy Hour

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Another Dappy hour is upon us! This year the team at Splunk has opened up their dashboard-building tools for anyone to build with. With that, we will be having a friendly competition to build cool dashboards for the Dai Dappy Hour happening on Sunday February 16th.

The dashboards will be displayed at the Dappy Hour and each attempt will be rewarded with 50 Dai. Our favorite dashboard will receive 250 Dai and some additional special prizes!

You can find all the necessary resources in the "Things to Note" section below.


Possible Features:

  • Word-map for user-appended messages on their xDai transactions(Drink orders) and Buffidai transactions(Charity donations)
  • Leaderboard for largest single-donation of BuffiDai to the Charity address.
  • Value tracker for total live drink orders.
  • Total unique addresses transacting.
  • Total tx volume.
  • and any others you can think of!

Example from last year:

Definition of Done

What should bounty fulfillers submit as proof that they have completed the bounty? What do fulfillers need to include in a submission in order for it to be accepted?

  1. Send a screenshot and the source code (SimpleXML) for your dashboard to, ccing; this will allow us to display your dashboard on the main servers and for David to check your identity when awarding the bounties.
  2. When officially fulfilling this bounty, submit the email address that you sent the source code with. All submissions are private, so your email will not be publicly visible.

Things to Note

There are multiple ways to get access to both the data and Splunk in order to build out your dashboards. See instructions here.

Once you have access to your Splunk instance check to see if you are receiving data by typing "index=*" into the search bar. If you see blockchain data, you are ready to BUIDL!

  • Need some examples to get started? Download the Splunk Dashboard Examples App here.
  • Want to get even fancier? Search and download custom visualizations for free here.
  • Already a Splunk dashboard guru? Have you tried the new absolute layout mode (in Beta)?

Want to be able to ingest more than 500mb/day? Apply for a developer's license to trial up to 50gb/day!


For questions about the challenge please join this temporary Telegram group:

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