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Create a community and give us a feedback

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Fuse is a new way to launch services and reach customers on the blockchain. It allows entrepreneurs to integrate everyday payments into their business. It reduces the cost to launch and operate micro-finance services which are non-custodial and leverage from the shared business processes blockchains provide. Fuse goal is to lower the bar for entrepreneurs to build products so they spend less money on IT and focus more on reaching clients and sustainability.

Task Description

In order to create a great UX, we, in fuse, would love to hear feedback from you. So just create a community using the Fuse Studio wizard, fill out this form and give us a feedback.


Proof of action

  1. Copy a link to your community to the form.
  2. Copy your account address to the form.
  3. The address should be the same as the community owner address.
  4. The address should be the same as the bounty address.

Bounty rewards

  • After creating the community, your account will automatically receive 100 FUSE tokens on the fuse chain. You can see them in the Fuse explorer
  • After filling the form, we will manually send you 1000 more FUSE tokens on the Ethereum mainnet using the bounties network platform.
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Creating an account is very easy and it's good that way. But there is an error which needs to be handled by the team. This image Posted on twitter, is a message I got as a congratulation message after creating the community, Ethereum was written twice beside each other on the dashboard and I think one of these should be deleted. I marked where the error is on the image posted. Thanks!


The process is fast and easy, will be great to have ENS supported, so I can use directly community.eth instead of the long address, also for the members addresses.

Not Accepted

So i tested the system. It is pretty easy to use but what i do not like about this is the speed. When i entered into the site the first time it took a bit of time to connect. I actually was thinking that the site is offline. Probably i would suggest to put a loading animation…..

Address for ether 0xEfCC005e810dfB5F6F5b3fFbD43b4e93721AAFb3

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Saya adalah pemanin cripto

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