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SKALA Instagram Bounty

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In SKALA Instagram Following and Post Creation Bounty, hunters are rewarded SKL for following SKALA Instagram account, reposting the pinned to bio post of each account and making high quality original posts about SKALA, and publishing them to Instagram, social media and news websites. They must be highly original and professional at the same time. Posts that show more than the website, and have been edited for quality, will receive larger rewards.


1 SKL= $300 at ICO price.

• Basic Sharing: Instagram/Social Media Pages/Similar (0.6668/0.9334 SKL if extraordinary)
• Premium/Featured: Websites, News Instagram accounts or News Sites (1.334/1.834 SKL).

Original Image Post Grading Scale:
• Low/Poor: 0.0840 SKL (may be denied or receive a lower reward).
• Good: 0.1670 SKL.
• Great: 0.3 SKL.
• Extraordinary: 0.6668 SKL.

Original Video Post Grading Scale:
• Low/Poor: 0.1334 SKL (may be denied or receive a lower reward).
• Good: 0.2334 SKL.
• Great: 0.334 SKL.
• Extraordinary: 0.9334 SKL.

  • Quality is based on content, engagement and reach of the post: originality, amount of recycled information, unique analysis, number of views, comments and comment type, layout and graphical design, information contained, number of errors, and the amount of relevant footage shown that's not just our website (this is significant to getting in to Great and Extraordinary tiers).
  • Extraordinary: No technical or information errors, no pronunciation or grammatical errors, very little recycled information, at least 200 unique likes/views, have at least 500 real followers and get 30 unique comments.
  • IMPORTANT: Recycling information will put you in a lower tier, and videos must contain at least one reference to SKALA’s blog.


• Your account must have at least 250 followers, or the post must get at least 50+ unique likes (we will check if they are unique) to qualify for any reward.
• Profile and posts must be publicly viewable.
• Repost the pinned to bio post of each account.
• Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified (we audit).
• Images information must be mandatory in English. For videos all languages will be accepted, but you have to include English subtitles if voiced in any non-english language.
• Post copywriting must be mandatory in English and original language.
• Once submitted you agree to give over all intellectual and publishing rights of submitted post to SKALA platform.
• Maximum 1 post submission (image OR video), so do make it count.
• Must include Bounty0x username in the text description of post.
• Post must contain at least one link to SKALA’s website and also links on the description.
• Videos must be 45 to 60 seconds.
• No computer voice over videos.
• Hunters must follow SKALA’s Instagram account until the bounty campaign ends.
• Post must remain published.
• The bounty hunter cannot make any representations regarding about SKALA that are not already public or approved in advance in writing by SKALA platform
Attention: You may not "reserve" spots by submitting broken links, empty posts, or anything as a placeholder. You may not use multiple submission content (the same thing or slight variation of) across other SKALA bounties. You may not plagiarize content and pass a plagiarism test. These are all strict rule violations, and disqualifies you from any reward in the SKALA campaign as a whole, INCLUDING THIS BOUNTY.

Submission Instructions

• Follow SKALA Instagram account.
• Submit a link to the Instagram post and share it via email.
• Submit a link to your social media post sharing (Basic) or publication feature of your post (Premium feature) and share them via email.
• Indicate if you are submitting a Basic or Premium/Featured post.
• Contact us if you have any questions: skalaplatform@gmail.com


Private bounties require that users apply to fulfill the bounty. Once you are approved by the issuer, you may submit a fulfillment for this bounty.

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