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SKALA Discord Bounty



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In SKALA Discord Discussion and Invite Bounty, hunters are rewarded SKL by for joining, participating, and creating an invite link for our SKALA Discord group. Hunters must write positive messages about SKALA in the SKALA Platform Discord group, and also engaging comments that enable and promote discussion and engagement.


1 SKL= $300 at ICO price.
• 3 messages on the SKALA Discord group: 0.011667 SKL per week
• 3 invite links posted on the channel #general: 0.011667 SKL per week

  • IMPORTANT: Spam or duplicate post will result in automatic disqualification from the bounty.


• Hunters must post at least 3 messages a week in the SKALA Discord group.
• Hunters must post at least 3 invite links in the channel #general
• Maximum of 6 invite links per week posted on the channel #general.
• The timestamp on the first message is when your week starts.
• Submit a screenshot of you being in group
• Post engaging and well thought out messages.
• English only.
• These messages must have insight on the Skala project, must be positive or have constructive criticism and not be a re-post or plagiarized.
• Copy/paste information will result in disqualification.
• Hunters must submit screenshots via Google Docs link, of the posts made on the SKALA Discord group and on the channel #general every week.
• The bounty hunter cannot make any representations regarding about SKALA that are not already public or approved in advance in writing by SKALA Platform.

Attention: You may not "reserve" spots by submitting broken links, empty articles, or anything as a placeholder. You may not use multiple submission content (the same thing or slight variation of) across other SKALA Platform bounties. You may not plagiarize content and pass a plagiarism test. These are all strict rule violations, and disqualifies you from any reward in the SKALA campaign as a whole, INCLUDING THIS BOUNTY.

Submission Instructions

• Submit a screenshot of you, showing the username, being in the discord group.
• Submit a link to your Google Doc containing all posts published (screenshots) and share it via email weekly.
• Contact us if you have any questions: skalaplatform@gmail.com


Private bounties require that users apply to fulfill the bounty. Once you are approved by the issuer, you may submit a fulfillment for this bounty.

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