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Conditional Tokens Nanogrants




Conditional Tokens Nanogrants

We’ve revamped our prediction market contracts and created the new conditional tokens smart contracts. Conditional tokens are a fundamentally new type of asset class based on the ERC1155 token standard, which allows you to use multiple types of tokens within a single application.
In prediction markets applications, conditional tokens allow you to:

  1. Make simple markets on the likelihood of a given event.
  2. Make complex markets about how the likelihood of an event is affected by any other event.
  3. Trade any asset under the condition that a specific event happens.

Currently, prediction markets are our main use case for conditional tokens.
However, conditional tokens are so versatile that they can be used for many different applications—from games with in-game assets like rewards and incentives to grant systems with conditional payouts based on milestones being reached.

To encourage the development of conditional tokens use cases, we are reaching out to the community for inspiration. We will give out Nanogrants from $50 to $500 for exceptional use cases. We will reward the best Twitter threads with $50 Nanogrants, payouts for projects using alternative mediums (e.g. blogpost or community call) will be determined based on their complexity and utility.

Is my project eligible?

We will consider projects that showcase interesting and new use cases for conditional tokens. We are especially interested in use cases that spark discussion within the ecosystem.
For the nanogrants to be awarded to Twitter threads, we’d like to see how you can engage the community in developing conditional tokens use cases. E.g., have you prompted anyone to respond to your thread? Do the use cases involve key ecosystem topics

How should I format my submission?

The use case description can be submitted in different forms:

  • Twitter threads
  • Blog post or article
  • Video
  • Proof of Concept
  • Platform integration
  • Community call

How can I apply?

Submit your use case description here on Bounties.Network
Please submit a proposal first if you will be creating a video, proof of concept, platform integration, or leading a community call.
For Twitter threads please submit the link to your tweet.

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Hey I invite you to use this link

imur.monster will ultilize the conditional tokens within a black pool to provide access to a more exotic form of securites interaction and holding. While not options they would utilize some of the more complex features of the furtures market for a jumping off point. Hoping to allow access to a wider range of participants who will have a sandboxed interaction upon world securites with a never before done requirement for access.

This is my use case idea for the conditional tokens. It's on twitter.

This is the full description of how I’d be using tokenized Poisson distribution probability variables for my prediction market.