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Crwn Jwel Twitter Token Giveaway

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In lieu of our upcoming anniversary, Crwn Lifestyle Co have decided to launch our very own ERC-20 token in conjunction with 70 specially designed art pieces with collectable ERC-1155 Tokens. These art prices and collectable tokens will be serialised and will only be sold in limited quantities. Crwn Lifestyle Co have decided that this is the best way forward in giving our token holders art pieces and collectables that could hold a valuable price in the near future.

Token Details
Token Type: ERC-20
Token Name: Crwn Jwel
Token Symbol : JWEL
Decimals : 18
Total Supply : 500 Million
Contract Address : 0x5cffC0B73Df80144f0f3f5bf75672777Af2BbbFE

Task Description

Fans have to follow us on Twitter, like our GIVEAWAY post and @ their friends at the comments section to win 1000 JWEL Tokens

What is it for?
Crwn Lifestyle Co have decided to giveaway 10 million tokens in total to the public to bring awareness to our brand.


What requirements do you have for bounty fulfillers?

1.Follow us Twitter @ crwnlife

2.Like our GIVEAWAY post on Twitter

3.Retweet and tag the GIVEAWAY post to 3 friends on Twitter

Are there any rules or constraints for your bounty?
It is compulsory to finish all tasks to attain the free tokens

Proof of action

What should bounty fulfillers submit as proof that they have completed the bounty?

Fll in your links in the description box when you clicked on the fulfill option

  1. Your Twitter handle
  2. Link to Retweet of our GIVEAWAY post
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Submissions are private

The submissions for this bounty have been set to private.