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Create new MESG social media banners

graphic design


The MESG Foundation is an application development framework built to bridge the gap between emerging technologies like blockchains and legacy technologies like web services.

It features an open economy of app components called services, where users can buy and sell access to services directly with others in the community.

Project scope

Create our new Social Media banners. You will need to display our logo (horizontal version) and our tagline "The builders' open economy". We would like to have something that looks like our brand, simple and efficient. Let your creativity run free.

The deliverables will be three header images (using the same style/design across all the three headers is fine) in the following aspect ratios:
Twitter: 1500px by 500px
Facebook: 1640px by 856px
Linkedin: 1584px by 396px

The deliverables will be in PNG, JPG and SVG

Audience, Tone, Style, & Feel

  • The primary (1st) audience is developers, The 2nd audience is token buyers, and 3rd is corporate enterprise clients, in that order
  • The tone should remain simple and efficient, and possibly geeky.
  • The style should be in relation to the existing brand image for MESG found at https://mesg.com
  • The design must be consistent with our branding guide in the media kit (linked below).


Follow the design guidelines and provided materials found in our Media Kit.

Definition of Done

  1. Three high-quality header images with appropriate aspect ratios, in both SVG and JPG and PNG.
6 monthsexpired
2 revisionsexpected





I have tried to design the three banners in line with the design for "State of the Dapps" presented, following the design guidelines and showing the content to the 3 audiences as the main concept. Is clear, with special "geek" point. I hope you like it.

I hope you love these!

Blue background with the right aspect ratio in the three formats.
I can make any desired adjustments.

i hope you like my design

simple, efficient and geeky, that nerdy touch using MESG brand Colors in a pretty clear outline.