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🗺️ ETHDenver Scholars: 50 States, 50 Countries, 50 Scholars 🎓




ETHDenver 2020

Applications for ETHDenver 2020 will be officially live on the website via Devfolio for developers, volunteers, speakers and all other Bufficorns from November 10th! There are also some pretty exciting news to share about ETHDenver’s evolution and some of the fun planned for 2020!

50 Scholars with Bounties Network & Apprentio 🎓

50 international countries. 50 U.S. states. 50 scholars! This is one of ETHDenver’s 2020 goals. Through partnerships with Bounties Network, Devcon Scholars and Apprentio, ETHDenver aims to have more geographic diversity than ever before, and provide more scholarships for those who need them.


Since ETHDenver is one of the biggest events in the Ethereum calendar, we know we'll get a lot of scholarship applications but we want to make sure we allocate funds where they are truly needed.

🎬 So we're asking scholarship hopefuls to let us know why they're passionate about blockchain and why they feel they should represent their country/U.S. state at ETHDenver 2020.

🔗 We're also asking the Ethereum community to help us with some of the funding efforts by contributing to this bounty - it will allow us to disburse some funds needed for certain international flights or visa applications needed in some cases.


  • Scholarship applicants: submit a video or a written reason why you should represent your country/U.S. state at ETHDenver 2020

  • Make sure you state the country/U.S. state you are from in your video/text submission

  • Feel free to highlight any problems your community is currently experiencing that might be solved by blockchain solutions (and what those might be if you've thought it through already), any experience or other relevant details that would highlight you as the ideal ETHDenver Scholar candidate.

  • Submit your entry to this bounty but make sure you also apply via the ETHDenver Scholarship intake form from November 10th.

  • Contributors of funds - just click the contribute to add to the bounty pot. Feel free to browse any of the submissions to get an idea of where/tho whom your crypto might be going.

Things to Note

  • Funds may be disbursed to successful applicants upon arrival in Denver to ensure the scholars do make the journey, are committed to attending the event and becoming active participants in ecosystem development.

  • The bounty reward will be increased as we accumulate funds, the current level is not representative of allowances for the scholars since they will be disbursed on a case by case basis.

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