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Add support for a new address encoding to @ensdomains/address-encoder




Project scope

ENS is the decentralised internet's naming service. We're currently adding support for resolving ENS names to addresses of cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum.

This is achieved by storing cryptocurrency addresses on ENS in binary format. As a result, each cryptocurrency requires support for translating between text format and binary - encoding and decoding.

A JavaScript library exists at https://github.com/ensdomains/address-encoder for encoding and decoding addresses in a number of formats. We want to expand this to encompass as many widely-used cryptocurrency address formats as possible.


To claim this bounty, add support for a new address encoding to @ensdomains/address-encoder. This bounty may be claimed as part of fulfilling the Add support for a new Cryptocurrency bounty, or by adding support for a new address format for an already-supported cryptocurrency.

A PR that adds a new cryptocurrency and also implements a new address encoding to support it is eligible for both bounties.


Definition of Done

Your PR must met the following requirements:

  1. Add functions to encode and decode a new cryptocurrency address format to index.ts.
  2. Use those functions for a new cryptocurrency as described in this other bounty, or add support for a new address format to an existing cryptocurrency.
  3. If adding a new format for an existing cryptocurrency, add at least one test case to __tests__/index.test.ts.
  4. Not break the build.

The bounty is complete once your PR has been merged.

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Add support for Tezos (XTZ) addresses tz1, tz2, tz3 and KT1.

Added support for IOTA

Add support for xDai

Add support for ATOM !!!


EOS public key address format.

Add ONT (Ontology) address format support

Add ONT (Ontology) address format support


Adds support for NEM(XEM) public key address format.
Added 'nem-sdk' library as a dependency.

Added support for zCash (ZEC) public key address format.


Adds support for TRX public key address format.
Added tronweb library as a dependency.