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Populate Coinevents.io with blockchain-related events



Coinevents.io is a global, searchable map of blockchain-related events, but right now its database is sparse. The events that were added in the past are now all in the past and not showing, so we need new ones in the database.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create events in Coinevents.io (follow the on-site guide) with as much detail as possible. Follow this guide: https://coinevents.io/how-to-add-events/

Make the event as information-rich as possible, but don't go into fluff. No need to list separate speakers if there's a dedicated website for the event, but a description and overall topics would be a great add, given that people will want to find out as much as possible before clicking outside Coinevents to go see the event page.


Do NOT forget to add language! If language is not specified on the event's site, or there are multiple languages at the event, put English or the dominant one!

Do NOT forget to put your Ethereum address (the one with which you apply to this bounty!) to your profile during registration. If you don't, we have no means of matching your contribution with the profile.

If an event has a call for paper open, do NOT forget to check the box "Looking for speakers".


If you come up with a way to harvest 1000 meaningful events from Meetup.com and import them automatically, that's fine. You'll get paid for every event properly imported, even if it's 1000 events. Just make sure they really are properly imported - formatting, readability, all the fields. Make sure the event looks like you'd want it to look when encountering it. Make it pleasant to read for yourself and it'll be pleasant to read for everyone.

Once submitted, you can preview your event in your account.

RSVP / Tickets

Do not add tickets for sale, instead, make them "sold out" by putting 0 available, but still put price in. That is, If an event is non free, then please add tickets (add only most expensive ticket and cheapest ticket, that's enough for the filter) but set all available tickets to 0 tickets remaining. This allows the platform to accurately search events by price, while not selling tickets directly.

If you'd like to publish your own event on Coinevents.io and use the platform to manage your tickets (sell them, check in users, etc.), let us know first.

Do add RSVP as per instructions. A basic RSVP attendance will do, so people can indicate interest in the event.

If the page from which you're sourcing the event has an RSVP form already, doesn't matter, add it anyway.

Recurring Events

If an event is recurring, don't add 10 instances and expect to get paid for it - there is a "Recurring event" option when adding. Use it! A recurring event counts as just one event!

Outdated events

Because the queue is long with loads of submissions, some events might expire before I get to them. Those will get deleted. To make sure your event gets accepted, pick events that are at least 7 days in the future - that way I can definitely get to them!

Definition of Done

Payouts are done in batches of 10. So we'll be doing payouts for every 10 events you add. If you add 9 and can't find any more until the bounty is over, then you'll get paid for the 9 events. If you add 1 and can't find any more until the bounty is over, then you'll get paid for the 1 event. Don't worry, we'll be fair, but we want to minimize small payouts due to TX fees and, frankly, tedium.

Things to Note

Events are accepted and rewarded on a first come first serve basis, BUT - if an event is obviously better populated than one submitted before it (i.e. the faster one is missing the agenda, header image, price, or something else entirely) then the one that came in later will be approved for the bounty.

Recap of above:

Pay attention to:

  • RSVP must be present
  • Language must be selected
  • Looking For Speakers must be checked if event's CFP is open
  • Tickets must be added if event is not free, but must be set to 0 availability!
  • Images of events must render properly - they must not be distorted or stretched. It's better to not have an image than to have a bad one, but it's better to have a good image than no image. So duplicate submissions will be judged by that criterion.

Good luck!


Private bounties require that users apply to fulfill the bounty. Once you are approved by the issuer, you may submit a fulfillment for this bounty.

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