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Bounties x Rimble Prompt 4: ETH address exploration



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ðapp usability

Problem Background

Rimble recently performed an inventory of patterns for displaying information associated with an Ethereum address within a dApp. The result was a sprawling set of interfaces taking vastly different approaches to the presentation of this data to the user. Some dApps offer a simple display of wallet balance, while others offer more information on recent transactions, owned assets, currency conversion, and more.


Create an open, reusable pattern (or set of patterns) that improves the user experience while viewing details associated with a wallet address.

Possible scenarios to account for include:

  • wallet balance
  • recent transactions
  • owned assets (erc20, erc721, etc)
  • asset values converted to fiat
  • how to add additional funds via fiat onramp or transfer

For example, a potential solution might do the following:

  • User connects wallet to dapp
  • Show account address, eth balance in fiat and erc 20 tokens
  • Expand to show recent transactions with smart contract for each erc 20 token
  • Show date/time, total value, and gas cost of each transaction

Submission Requirements

Submissions may offer general purpose patterns or more specific patterns to support a certain type of dApp context (e.g., CDP, token swap). Everyone is welcome to submit a solution to the prompt, regardless of fidelity or technical implementation. We encourage participants to submit writing, sketches, UI designs, and/or prototypes in any form.

Minimum requirements:

  • A clearly articulated and written explanation of your solution and the pain-points it attempts to address, accompanied if possible by sketches or low-fidelity visual aids to help illustrate the solution.

Ideal submissions might include:

  • Design files illustrating user flows or application touch points
  • A prototype (Figma, Invision, etc…)
  • Live working/hosted demo
  • Link to source code repo

Use of Rimble UI is encouraged, but not required.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Novelty: Does this pattern provide a new or improved approach?
  • Usability: Can we expect users to accomplish the desired task?
  • Flexibility: Can this pattern be applied to a wide range of applications?
  • Implementation / Fidelity: How much time and effort went in to the submission? How thorough is the exploration of the problem and how impressive is the execution and presentation of the solution?
  • Accessibility: Can this pattern be used with a screen reader? Does it pass at least WCG 2.0 AA standards for accessibility?
  • Error handling: How does this pattern address different errors that might occur during the process?


Submissions that meet some of the criteria above will likely be accepted and will receive a prize in the amount of the bounty payout.

Exceptional submissions that meet most if not all of the evaluation criteria and that go above and beyond to address the prompt with a potentially higher level of fidelity will be eligible to receive honorable mention and a larger prize which will be sent to the ETH address attached to the submissions. The Bounties and Rimble teams will be judging each submission based on the evaluation criteria throughout the week to determine which submissions will be accepted and/or might be eligible for additional prizes.

Exceptional submission prizes are as follows:
1st Prize: $100 <> 0.5453 ETH (at time of activation)
2nd Prize: $50 <> 0.2727 ETH (at time of activation)

Disclaimer: 1 submission per prompt per participant. We reserve the right to reject submissions that appear to be copies of previously submitted work by other participants. The content of all submissions will be considered open source contributions to the Rimble project.

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Gamification with Account Stats

  • user investigates an ETH address
  • besides recent transaction, fiat value, etc, there is an experience barometer that indicates how experienced this address is. this barometer depends on the frequency of interacting with Smart Contracts, the diversity of ERC20 tokens, the value of collectibles, etc.
  • also, achievements are shown, for example, early adopter if the address has made a transaction before Dez 2017