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Join the #zen public channel in Status




Install Status on your mobile phone (if you dont have it already) and join the public channel #zen. Once you are in, say hello and introduce yourself.

The beauty of Status lies in the removal of data collection unnecessary, rent seeking third parties. Unlike many messengers, Status does not require 3rd party validation upon account creation

No phone number
No email address
No bank account

Does't this make you feel zen?


1.) Install Status on your mobile phone (available for iOS and Android). Since Status is in beta, follow the instructions here

iOS - you will need Test Flight so install Test Flight from the App Store and follow these instructions - don’t worry, its easy :)
Android - you can access the beta in the Playstore here

2.) Once you have Status installed and you have created an account, join the public channel #zen and introduce yourself.

Navigate to the “chats” tab and click the “+” on the bottom of the screen
Click “join public chat” and type in #zen in the topic field
Say hello and introduce yourself :)

3.) To submit your Bounty:

Share a screen shot of your message in the public channel. Be sure your screenshot includes your 3 word name (i.e Lasting Spectacular Nematode)

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