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🕵️‍♀️ Usability Testing Participants Wanted - Pepo App Launch Preview 📲

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Pepo - https://pepo.com/ - is not just another crypto app

Until now, crypto has mostly been a solution looking for a problem. We flipped the coin and went looking for good problems to solve, with crypto.

We interviewed hundreds of people about their online behaviors, looking for gaps where crypto could move the needle in a big way. We learned that communities need better ways to connect with creators.

We are aiming for Pepo to be the best crypto user experience ever made.
Pepo removes many of the icky bits that have limited crypto mass-adoption while making crypto about the people, not just the technology.
It’s an app the entire movement can get behind.

Pepo is backed by OST Token and every transaction is 100% on-chain, at blazing fast speeds and low costs, thanks to OST Platform -https://ost.com - Ethereum layer-2 technology, built on the OpenST Protocol.

As we are testing the Pepo App prior to the beta launch, we also need your help in making together Pepo the best crypto user experience ever made! We are seeking 10 individuals to participate in a short individual usability session.

The session duration will be of around 30 minutes. Each session includes a short introduction, followed by a usability session where you will be given access to the alpha version of the Pepo app and asked to explore it and to perform 1 or 2 tasks and say your thoughts aloud.

There is no right or wrong answer, in fact, if you don’t understand something is our fault, not yours, so please don’t hodl anything!

Conversation Structure

  • 30 minutes total duration
  • Sessions will be conducted remotely via Zoom, and will be recorded only for internal use.
  • Short chat, few introduction questions
  • Sharing access to the alpha of the Pepo App (if iPhone device UDID required in advance)
  • Usability testing - exploring the app
  • Usability testing - 1/2 tasks execution
  • Payout upon completion of the session of 3,000 OST per participant

Participant Requirements

You do not have to be familiar with Pepo or OST Technology
In your bounty application, please provide your twitter handle and contact information where we can reach you should you be selected as a participant
By applying, being selected, and scheduling a session, you agree to allow for the recording of the session in its entirety.
Once we have selected the participants, we will contact you to schedule a time slot for your session that will be held within

Although we will only be accepting 10 participants for this round of testing, this bounty will be reoccurring, and we are likely to reach out again to additional applicants in the future to participate in similar usability sessions. Don't hesitate to apply even if the participants have already been selected, so that we may reach out to you in the future!


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