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#PoolFriday meme / logo competition!



PoolTogether awards a prize every Friday. We want to create a meme or logo for #PoolFriday that adds to the fun of checking to see if you've won the savings prize.

Keep in mind, with PoolTogether no one loses! Even if you don't get the prize you still have saved money.

We think a good meme will be something that encourages people to share and is on brand with (it should be approachable, trustworthy, human, and joyful). Find some inspiration in this Sketch file here:


We would like an image we could use in a variety of formats and places. Definitely Twitter but also an email header. There could potentially be multiple variants.

Definition of Done

Bounty fullers can submit their logo or meme to or simply by using the hashtag #poolfriday with their meme!

Things to Note

This bounty will conclude on Sunday August 15th at 12 midnight, PST.

6 monthsremaining
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Not Accepted

Here are my 9 designs, hope you like them :)
vector format available, I can make edits.

Not Accepted

#poolfriday logo


Not sure if this has actually been fulfilled since it's still up. But this is my submission I can make any changes and send over any file types:

Not Accepted

double post

Not Accepted

I made a couple of designs/formats. Every design is flat and respects "pool" branding chart. To better communicate the message, I used only the golden "pool" logo as It represents wealth and gains for participants.

Every design can be edited on request.


Not Accepted

My submission for #poolfriday :)

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This is my entry for the contest. If you need anything, contact me on:

Not Accepted

This is my entry. If you need some changes, higher dimensions or other, contact me on my email address:

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Memes and logos

Not Accepted

I believe this design will find favour with you. Thanks for this opportunity.