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Logo Design Competition: Vac Secure Messaging R&D





Vac is a research initiative created to build a modular peer-to-peer messaging stack, with a focus on secure messaging. The team, led by researchers Oskar Thoren and Dean Eigenmann, has been heavily focused on research, experimentation, and solving complex issues. Therefore, they haven't had much time for design ;)

We need your help to come up with a logo that helps depict the work, goals, and principles of the project.

So, let’s dive into some of the details.

What exactly is Vac?

  • Full Messaging Stack - we are concerned with all layers in the stack including underlying transports, p2p overlays and routing, to initial trust establishment and semantics for things like group chat.
  • Modular System - we aim to provide options at each layer in the stack, instead of having a tightly coupled set of protocols. Allow developers choose what they use and ensure they know each choice comes with different trade-offs.
  • Peer-to-peer - The protocols we work on are pure p2p (NO SERVERS), and aim to minimize centralization.
  • All Forms of Messaging - This includes both human to human communication, as well as machine to machine communication. Texting, data transfer, financial transactions, etc.
  • Security, Privacy, Censorship Resistance - We ensure end to end encryption, forward secrecy, avoiding MITM-attacks, etc. We do not compromise when it comes to privacy and censorship-resistance

Where did the name Vac come from?
Vāc. Is a Vedic goddess of speech. It also hints at being a vaccine.

What are our principles?
Vac is designed to enable private, secure, censorship resistant messaging. In today’s world, we rely on third party intermediaries and client server models for our communication. This leaves us vulnerable to meta data leakage, censorship, and general manipulation. Vac is being built to remove this reliance.

We build based on:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Censorship Resistance

How This Works
For the next 2 weeks, this design challenge will be open to the public. On September 20th, five finalists are going to be determined using SNT Voting DApp Poll, then Vac project leads Oskar and Dean will select a final winner.

The winning Vac design will be the official project logo and the winner will get more than $400! We will use the logo as the basis of the overall brand and will be prominently featured on our new website and social channels!

  • All submissions will receive $5 SNT
  • The top 5 finalists (determined by the SNT Voting DApp) will receive $20 SNT
  • The winning design will receive $400 DAI

Remember, Vac is a R&D initiative to enable private, secure, censorship resistant messaging for all.

Definition of Done

  • png, jpeg or gif
  • vector graphics preferred
  • dimensions are up to you
  • We’ll ask for community input In selecting shortlist but committee will have final say in determining the winning submission.


  • Only use vectorial graphics (no photos)
  • Should be designed with logo only AND logo plus + mark ("Vac")
  • Aligned with goals and principles of the projects
  • file size: 10MB max





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