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🌀 Get 3 DAI for using Idle and giving us a feedback!



Get 3 DAI for just minting and redeeming idleDAI!
If you find a client bug you can get 5 DAI.

The process is:

  • Mint idleDAI
  • Hold idleDAI (discretional, but you can try to get some interest)
  • Redeem idleDAI (and get back your funds + interest)


You need to have a wallet filled with some DAI, go to and connect it.
(works better with MetaMask, Fortmatic, Portis, Ledger, and Trezor)
Once connected, you will need to approve Idle as DAI spender.
Just insert some DAI in the input form and lend it! You can monitor them from "Funds" tab.

When you're ready, redeem back your DAI from "Funds" tab.
Job done!

To sum up, you just need:

  • a wallet (better with MetaMask, Fortmatic, Portis, Ledger and Trezor)
  • some DAI

Definition of Done

You just need to mint+hodl+redeem idleDAI and provide some proofs for that.

In order to get 3 DAI you need to upload:

  1. Mint-tx hash
  2. Redeem-tx hash
  3. Screenshots of "Funds" tab

If you find a bug (not already reported), you can get 5 DAI if you provide:

  1. Bug screenshot(s)
  2. Bug console.log screenshot(s)
  3. Brief description of the steps that you've done during the bug

Your feedback really matters for us!
Let us know your opinion about and subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on future developments (such new coins implementation).

Things to Note

Not valid for addresses that already tried Idle.

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Mint transaction:
Redeem transaction:

Funds page:


Hi, here is my submission:

Mint transaction:

Redeem transaction:

Funds Tab

Bug Bounty
I think I found a bug. I took a picture of the console for the website (I don’t know much about the console.logs, but I did what I could so hopefully it can help and be part of the bug bounty). I had 17 dais but after logging into , if I write directly 1 or 10, the system let me lend (no written warning notification and blocking of the “lend button” by becoming faded blue) which is okay as my balance is 17 dais.
But if I write 2 or even 2.0 (which of course I have since my balance is 17 dai as shown in the screenshot and recognized by, the system WRONGLY warns me (red written letters telling me that the amount exceeds my balance) and blocks me from lending ( by making the blue lending button become faded which can’t be clicked). See:

If I write 20 DAIs, the system correctly warns & blocks me from lending since I only have 17 DAIs. See:

But if I write 100 DAIs to lend, the system mysteriously and wrongly doesn’t warm or block me even when that amount exceeds my balance of 17 DAIs. The blue “lend button” doesn’t become unable to be clicked by becoming faded blue.See:

Check the screenshots & take a look at it. Thanks