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Help me finish CryptoHub

react native


Mark Pereira


I had the idea of building an explorer for crypto hubs around the world so that people wanting to live a crypto friendly lifestyle can easily find places near them that accept crypto. So I started building a mini dapp in Alice,, however I am really stretched with time and would love for someone to help me with the idea.


Would be to build the end to end experience of discovering a crypto friendly ATM, Hostel / Room to Rent, and Restaurants which would just be points staked on a map through the FOAM Token Curated Registry. This would also require a user to stake a POI using the FOAM Token Curated Registry.

Definition of Done

As a user I can: -

  1. Choose a country
  2. Choose a city
  3. View a list of options
  4. View a mapview of options
  5. Stake a Point of Interest on FOAM

Things to Note

The app will be built within the Alice mobile wallet and we will support any questions you have while developing!





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