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Join TruSet's Real Estate data collection dApp and publish 3 accepted records






We would like to get feedback on our platform:
TruSet is a platform for community validated reference data. The TruSet Real Estate Data dApp is a community validated reference for real estate data - starting with data on regulators and purchase and sale documents for US States.

Participants stake on data they publish and validate, and earn xTru when they publish and validate correctly. This xTru is redeemable for xDai.

In addition to the reward for this bounty, you will be rewarded for your contributions in the app, which can be ~$3-$5 each worth of Dai when you redeem the xTru you earned through the app.

This should take about 30-45 minutes to join, find the data and publish


Register for the TruSet Real Estate data platform at (using a valid email and phone number) and publish 3 data records that the community finds to be valid, using the same metamask address that you use with the bounties network. The community must vote to accept (5+ people vote over a 36 hr period, you need at least half of the validators to accept your record)

The winner will be the first person who has 3 records accepted! If the community takes longer to validate the records than the time allotted for the beta, we will award the bounty to the first person to submit 3 records (assuming they aren't rejected).

Definition of Done

  1. Links to the 3 data proposals you published, that are accepted by the community. ex
  2. A few sentences describing your experience publishing the records, points of confusion and suggested improvements.

Things to Note

You will need to point your metamask to the xDai network.
Click on the metamask browser extension on your toolbar. From the dropdown at the top of it, select the xDai network.

If you don't see the xDai network - from the network dropdown, select "Custom RPC" and fill out the form with the following values:

Network Name: xDai
Symbol: USD

When you click "Save", you should be on the xDai network.

Whether or not you win the bounty, you can earn rewards by participating on our platform! We look forward to seeing you there.

More info:

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