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🦞 Lobsticorn Design Challenge ⭐



graphic design


🦞 The official mascot for the inaugural ETHBoston event is the Lobsticorn! Since the Pizza Rat 🍕🐀 design competition at ETHNewYork was a roaring success, we thought we'd give our beloved lobster the star treatment too!

🦞 We want to enlist our amazing community members to show us what different Lobsticorn incarnations might look like so we can show them off to the world at the hackathon!

💡 Bounty participants will add their own charm and character to collectively represent the vibrant culture of Boston and how it can incorporate those essential Ethereum symbols and bring blockchain to the Bostonian landscape.

The magnificent Boston Lobsticorn

How This Works

For the next 3 weeks, this design challenge will be open to the public. On August 23rd, five finalists are going to be determined by popular Twitter vote, then a committee of ETHBoston organizers will make the final decision.

The winning design has an opportunity to be our unofficial mascot(s), and the winner could get more than 200 DAI. Plus, they will have the honor of being featured prominently on the ETHBoston website, social media & in stickers and swag.

Definition of Done

png, jpeg or gif
vector graphics preferred
dimensions are up to you
roughly square or 3:2 ratio rectangle preferred
committee will decide the final winner(s) based on community input - this is a competition bounty.


may need revision
aligned with goals of the hackathon
file size: 10MB max

More about ETHBoston

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9 monthsremaining
2 revisionsexpected





Not Accepted

Hello,i am glad to participate in this project

Not Accepted

Here is my submission for the LobstETHericorn!

These designs can be customized easily.

Not Accepted

HEre is my submission ..

Not Accepted

Hi humans

Here comes the Captain Lobsticorn. The King of dApps, with #opensource hands and a horn that has lots of fans!

Wish you guys a great time in ETHBoston! Btw, feel free to contact for any revision.

YOodo biVoodoo
The Galactic Agency

Not Accepted

Happy baby lobster - I hope you like it.

Not Accepted

Lobsticorn brings etherium diamonds from the sea

Not Accepted

At this link the files in .png and .jpg format

I remain available for files in .jpeg, .png and .psd formats up to 700 dpi and A4 format if needed

Thank You!

Not Accepted

Here is Lobsticorn: Lobster + unicorn, holding Ethers, I use Boston Lobster colors :)

Not Accepted


Because I'm happy!

Because Ethereum stands out amongst other cryptocurrencies.

Because like Ethereum I've got a tough shell.

Because ETH Boston.