5,000 MUXE


Remaining Balance
50,000 MUXE


Write 5 posts about MUXE on the MUXE forums

forum post



Go to and sign up on the forum

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Create 5 posts about the MUXE Project on the forum


It is important that your posts has something to do with the MUXE Project.

Definition of Done

Define the 5 urls that you have submitted and share them with us.





  • How much muxe?

    11 days ago

  • How much nice?

    11 days ago

  • Hello all

    11 days ago

  • Sobdar Ali Buriro

    Great work

    11 days ago

  • Platinum DUBS

    im confused so we have to pay to turn in the bounties?

    17 days ago

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion!Your not forced to join but more then welcome to help us out!

    18 days ago

  • Eustace Bagge

    And now the bounty is increased to a whopping 11 cents, and tokens are so illiquid you cannot sell them anywhere. Good luck with your project!

    18 days ago

  • Eustace Bagge

    500 muxe tokens are worth a little more than 1 cent, and this is the bounty? I am sorry, but there is no way I would write even 1 post for such a bounty. I suggest you drastically increase the reward.

    19 days ago

  • So the value of 500 muxe tokens is only $1 correct?

    19 days ago