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Talk about Quidli around you and receive Quidli security tokens (real equity)



The Quidli dApp enables companies to issue real equity on security tokens to use as incentives to employees and community members.
…think bounties using Security Tokens!

As we love our own product, we used it ourselves to reward all members of our own community who contribute to the continued development of Quidli. And because we fight for transparency, our team cap table is open to anyone who wants to see it at http://equity.quid.li.

On Bounties Network, Quidli is now offering equity in exchange for business development - if you invite users onto our dApp, we share Quidli equity with you.


Recommend Quidli to companies or projects that want to use security tokens to reward their teams and receive:

  • $100 worth of Quidli security tokens for each company that completes onboarding at https://quid.li following your invitation/referral AND makes their first legally-binding equity distribution

Definition of Done

Post the name of the company you helped us to onboard - this company and the equity distribution must be real (we'll of course be verfiying all claims).

Things to Note

The tokens that are on deposit on the Bounties Network platform are NOT Quidli security tokens, but vouchers to obtain it.
After the mission is completed, to get your security tokens, you'll need to provide additional information and digitally sign a contract making you the legal owner of the Quidli shares.
Quidli is incorporated in the US, and we use RSUs as security tokens. The current value of each token is $0.50.

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