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Bounties Explorer UI Bugs

bounties explorer




The Bounties Explorer (the product you're using to interact with this bounty) likely has bugs in it. We want to incentivize people to discover and submit bugs that they experience when using the explorer.


Post a thorough description of your bug (with attached screenshots if necessary) as a submission to this bounty. Please describe exactly what happened, and what you did to cause it to occur.

Things to Note

We reserve the right to unilaterally decide whether bugs are valid for this bounty or not (although we intend to liberally accept submissions which are meaningful bugs).

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This payout bounty it's not accurate. And this might be happening with others bounties aswell. This bounty it's not receiving fair market price. 500 MVT aren't worth 4.70$


Nothing happens when I click the notification bell. I can therefore no view notifications. I use an opera mobile browser for Android.


The payout price in dollar is not updated after Opera changed the payout from 2 DAI to 1 DAI


Hi. I believe this is unintentionally. But the date ranges panel on 'Create a bounty' section it's unsorted. IMO, It makes feel the UX unresponsive. This should be fixed


UI Bug: Text overflow in the comments section.

This bug happened on a mobile device, I encountered this issues consistently when using the metamask app and the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox & Brave, in the comments section of this bounty:

Note: Some comments are wrapping correctly and some others don't.



Metamask Browser on iOS
iPhone X
When you leave metamask and sign back in it is impossible to refresh the bounty page you were browsing previously. You have to close the window and return to the home page.


Environment Window 10 64 bit Brave Browser
Initially, if you click fulfill without the metamask installed, you will be prompted to install metamask.
After you close the fulfill prompt and have metamask installed, metamask wallet (after setting it up) will not be detected.
Have to reopen brave browser to get it to work.
The initial launch of the page will be blank so you have to click refresh

Leaderboard text and statistics overlap. As see in leaderboard position #1

I'm not sure if this is a UI bug, but I'd like to report it anyway:

  1. The Getting Started page - - says, the Bounties Explorer should work with the Opera Browser.
  2. I activate the Crypto Wallet in Opera Browser (yes, I know the Crypto Wallet is not synced with my smartphone).
  3. Reload the page. Bounties Explorer cannot load.
  4. I deactivate the Crypto Wallet in Opera Browser. Bounties Explorer can load.


Hello, although this is not a bug. I would like to submit my observations on the Bounties Network after been using it for almost a week now.

  1. There are a lot of bounties for coders, and tech savvy Ethereum users, but not as much for those less savvy to the inner workings of the blockchain system.
  2. Bounties that are posted that dont require much skill (Beginner difficulty) receive a lot of submissions but dont necessarily receive a response from the person who issued the bounty.
  3. There is nothing that commits the issuer to responding promptly and diligently to their issued bounty, therefore submissions remain pending/in limbo for a long time - essentially discouraging users to submit. The timer becomes irrelevant.
  4. Looking at submission acceptance patterns (from the non-technical side), many submissions share equal criteria yet one gets accepted and the other not. This screams out manipulation. There is nothing to guarantee issuers commitment to fair and equal bounty acceptance and payout.
  5. The evaluation system provided to each wallet/user is then useless as it can be manipulated and skewed.
  6. There is nothing also to protect user submissions if the issuer did not render all submissions private. Which may result in the theft of other people’s submissions or multiple fraudulent submissions.