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Bounties Explorer UI Bugs

bounties explorer




The Bounties Explorer (the product you're using to interact with this bounty) likely has bugs in it. We want to incentivize people to discover and submit bugs that they experience when using the explorer.


Post a thorough description of your bug (with attached screenshots if necessary) as a submission to this bounty. Please describe exactly what happened, and what you did to cause it to occur.

Things to Note

We reserve the right to unilaterally decide whether bugs are valid for this bounty or not (although we intend to liberally accept submissions which are meaningful bugs).

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Updated profile pics not visible….see the shared video for details

When I commented on a bounty that I fulfilled, I also got notified that the user "my name" just commented on a bounty that I fulfilled.
I was hoping bounty network should recognize every user and only send notifications when necessary

The picture in my profile was uploaded correctly but there’s no rotation option to correct the picture position. Please see my profile.

When I edit email preferences I get an email that says "something went worng"
To reproduce: go to profilr-> account settings, change some email preferences and hit Save email preferences.

the response that i get is:
"err": 1,
"message": "invalid access token"

here is the payload:
data: {environment: "production", level: "error", endpoint: "",…}}
data: {environment: "production", level: "error", endpoint: "",…}
body: {trace: {,…},…}
client: {runtime_ms: 734205, timestamp: 1573786002, javascript: {,…}}
context: ""
endpoint: ""
environment: "production"
framework: "browser-js"
language: "javascript"
level: "error"
notifier: {name: "rollbar-browser-js", version: "2.4.1"}
name: "rollbar-browser-js"
version: "2.4.1"
platform: "browser"
request: {url: "", query_string: "", user_ip: "$remote_ip"}
query_string: ""
url: ""
user_ip: "$remote_ip"
server: {}
uuid: "42812ca3-9f24-416a-893e-cfcd2be70195"

I discovered a bug (?) in the explorer. How to reproduce the bug : When you receive a notification, click on notif icon, to go back to the bounties page, The button does not react for several minutes. You have to click on the icon many times. I don't know if other people have experienced this bug .
Browser Opera for Android, latest version
Android v7.0
By the way it takes time to submit bounty now, maybe bug on my side or Ethereum network overloaded.

i have found a bug from account setting, i cant change my profile picture, and i cant change it from another phone too, idk is this bug come from trust wallet or from bounties network

There is a bug between expiry bounties. And those one that are actually "about to" expire.

There is no sense for a bounty to be 'expiry' when it' lasting 69 years It's happening with others bounties aswell. Should be fixed

The "Jelly Swaps" bounty payouts 3 DAI in total to all accepted bounty. However.

On the submission it's reflecting a conflict between how much the bounty payout was and how much the balance bounty was

This one it's showing how much the balance of the bounty was

E.g it's above where you can see the bounty "Make Rich Smile" Payout **10 DAI **

and in the submission it's "as intented" showing the amount issuer paid to ALL accepted bounty


This could potentially spread to others bounties easily.

Unresponsive UI testing on iPad.

Bounty prices are not align inside the boxes.
Bounty features also are not align accordingly whole data frame

Payout was 1 DAI. I receive 2 DAI from this bounty

As I stated. This could be a bug happening in conflict between the market price changes and the actual bounty payout. E.g 1 DAI = 1$ market changes to 1 DAI = 2$ and the smart contract issued 2 DAI.