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Breaking News: Reinventing the Online News Economy








In this challenge, we want you to rewrite the rules on how we experience media online. Content is being presented to us in new ways, faster than we understand the technology behind it, and we continue to not know how to navigate our own understanding of reputation and the accuracy of information. When was the last time you looked at the source material of a news story? We believe there is an opportunity to produce a clearer form of credentialing and signaling.

Web3 is uniquely positioned to create a healthier media landscape through transparency, incentives, identity, and reputation. We leave it to you to design the new conditions for trust in media, and offer the following provocations as a place to get started:

  • How might we create trust in media through transparency in information and media systems?

    • Examples: giving credit to original sources, incentivizing fact-checking and quality, building a curative reputation, and verifiable credentialing from sources, developing a media/information supply chain.
  • How might we incentivize sharing and support of “quality” content?

    • Examples: defining “quality” content in media, rewarding sharing of wholly read content instead of click-bait sharing, developing “sharing” reputation and incentivizing accordingly, incentivizing reading and commenting on work outside the realm of your political environment,
  • How might we track and share identity of an organization, including makeup, motivations, stakeholders, etc, such that a true, robust reputation can emerge over time?

    • Examples: sharing the “source code” of a major news organization, providing “nutrition facts” on the newsroom, showing how a powerful owner/company stakeholder influences (or doesn’t) the news
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  • ﹒ a year ago

    How might we incentivize sharing and support of “quality” content? I feel like something structured similar to reddits upvoting system could be useful. But in the spirit of blockchain, and verifying the quality content, I would suggest making the content pass a certain threshold of upvotes to lock in x amount of coin for providing the lead to that quality content, and the rewards could also trickle down proportionally to all of the early upvotes that helped the content past the initial threshold. I could also see different tiers of content quality, with different interest rates or staking rates, and maybe even an option for the contributors/lead providers/upvoters to stake their rewards on the network and collectively gain passive rewards that way.