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Introduction to Hoard

Hoard enables True Ownership of virtual assets in video games using Ethereum and Plasma. The vision to for players to be able to raid a village one evening in their favorite game, then go to their local cafe the next morning and buy a cup of coffee with the loot they won the night before.

Hoard's first game is Plasma Dog, and it was released for DevCon IV as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the first working use case of Plasma. The next game to be released with True Ownership is My Memory of Us. Hoard's free and open source software development kit is scheduled for release July 2019, and it will enable any game developer to integrate Ethereum and Plasma seamlessly with their titles.


The Hoard Community is comprised of gamers, game developers, and various blockchain enthusiasts who care about True Ownership in virtual worlds. We would love for you to be part of the Hoard Community, and we invite you to join at least four our five most active community channels to fulfill this bounty.


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Definition of Done

Follow us or subscribe to 4 out of our 5 primary channels. When you are finished, click fulfill bounty, and in the “description” field, provide links to your social media, like so:

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Please note that your account names will remain private and not be displayed publicly. Once we verify that you have followed or subscribed to our channels in accordance to the bounty description, we will accept your submission and confirm your HRD bounty payout.

Please also include a line in your description field that reads "I agree to Hoard's Terms of Participation."

Terms and Conditions

By fulfilling this bounty you agree to Hoard's Term & Conditions. Please see attached document titled, "Terms of Participation" for more details.

Thanks so much and welcome to the Hoard community!

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