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Founded in 2015, DECENT is one of the first blockchain companies. DECENT has developed their own blockchain protocol; DCore, a platform that empowers users to create or migrate applications into a blockchain environment. Cooperating closely with top investment funds and incubators, DECENT is dedicated to building an ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to help developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future, especially within the media and entertainment industries.

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The blockchain industry is still in it's infancy. Every company in the space should be working to educate the general public on what is blockchain, decentralization and how it affects all of us. We are working on estabalishing a blockchain academy that will cover a variety of basic topics and explain them in a simple way. This is your opportunity to help contribute to that academy and reach a wider audience with your work.


At least 500 words covering any topic in the blockchain ecosystem and how it affects the every day user.

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hello , this is a content about blockchain ecosystem:APLA , i hope you like this

Taygun Dogan

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I hope you like it

Vincent Muthee

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Wrapped Bitcoin and the Wrapped Tokens Framework

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The everyday user is heavily dependent on their local jurisdiction laws to dictate the types of projects that they can venture into. There are a lot of people coming from first world countries that want to get involved in projects but because of money transmission laws being applied to crypto commerce or antiquated finance policies that are being unwisely aimed at addressing 21st-century technologies put the everyday user in a precarious legal situation in which they must consider their risks.
It's such that the everyday user has to ask themselves: Am I permitted under my region's laws to transact this bet or buy this altcoin? Keeping an eye on crypto friendly legislation is of the utmost importance to understand how it's spreading within the first world, specifically European markets, where crypto has flourished from the beginning.


Jeremiah Ngunjiri

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This article is a very good introduction to trading cryptocurrencies especially to newbies

Charles Okaformbah

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On this other article, I explained a DAO using a community-owned goat as an example. I still have other articles on real estate tokenization and how to tokenize a business on the blockchain.
TLDR: Think long term and future of the application you want to build on the blockchain in terms of upgrade, government legislation and the team behind the project. Your application should be censorship resistance (resisting government control).

Charles Okaformbah

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Hi guys. I love writing about how the blockchain and DAOs work especially on the blockchain, seeing that Decent has a decentralized consensus model. Here is a piece that can be used for our blockchain academy.
Extract -
"Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are entities or ventures that operate based on Smart Contracts or executable programs/protocols. Mostly created on the Ethereum Network due to its Smart Contract capability, the DAO has no conventional management structure and its codes are open source."

Vincent Muthee

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Counterfactual and generalized state channels applications