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By leveraging the decentralized oracle powers of Augur, CryptoUnlocked allows for crowdfunding pools to be awarded to developers or organizations according to the outcome of real-world events. It is a fundraising platform that enables accountability to be built-in to the grant making and funding of public goods/ non-profit/ open source initiatives.

Conditional contribution, or the ability to fund aspirational goals with the condition of being refunded if the goal is not met, is a vital missing piece in the puzzle of funding for a diverse array of projects.

We are looking for passionate campaign creators to create campaigns and market them to their friends, family, online communities. The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate the power of conditional, milestone based fundraising and the power of CryptoUnlocked.


-- Create a CryptoUnlocked Campaign on our website ( If you are unsure about how to create a campaign, we've create a tutorial video on Youtube: If you have further questions, you can contact us on

-- Market your CryptoUnlocked Campaign to your family, friends, social circles, etc.

-- Collect at least $200 towards your designated cause. Note the cause/ organization must be one on Spring. You are not eligible for the bounty if you select an unverified ETH address.

Definition of Done

-- URL of the CryptoUnlocked Campaign that has successfully resolved.

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