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Become a Top 3 Trader in a Crypto Trading Competition



Altcoin Fantasy is an education platform aimed at teaching people about learning how to trade cryptocurrencies. For this bounty, you have place top 3 in our weekly trading competition to be eligible for the bounty.


  • Sign up for a free account at Altcoin Fantasy (
  • Register in a weekly trading competition
  • Place top 3 in the competition (contest duration usually 1 to 2 weeks)

Definition of Done

What should bounty issuers submit as proof that they have completed the bounty? What do fulfillers need to include in a submission in order for it to be accepted?

  1. Please ensure you update your username in Altcoin Fantasy to match the user profile info on
  2. Submit a screenshot of your rank and username on Altcoin Fantasy showing you place top 3

Things to Note

Note this only applies to the weekly featured contest and not to the mini contests offered on Altcoin Fantasy.





  • mugentime

    2 usd! Wouldn't walk a block for that kind of money

    4 hours ago

  • I do not think the bounty value is set properly to compensate the winner for the skill required to win.

    2 days ago

  • circle

    Altcoin Fantasy


    2 days ago

  • circle

    Altcoin Fantasy

    For more information including an faq, please visit

    2 days ago