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Build a simple permaweb app







The permaweb is a decentralised, immutable and persistent web. Permaweb apps are built using normal web technologies — HTML, CSS, and Javascript — but are deployed to Arweave’s on-chain storage system. You can get started and deploy a permaweb app in 2 minutes or less.

This bounty is for building a new, prototype permaweb app. If we like the app, and you enjoyed the experience, we will then setup larger bounties for the continued development of the permaweb.


You can find the docs for getting started deploying your first permaweb app here.

The docs for the JS library that allows you to read from and write to the permaweb are here.

A sample app:


  1. Before starting your build, please drop a comment below explaining what your app idea is, and how you would define that the bounty has been successful. Please aim for a kind of prototype that you can hack together in ~5 hours or so, once you get your head around the system.
  2. If we reach agreement on the idea, submit to start the bounty and we will accept you.
  3. Submit a PR with a link to a live copy of your app and your project repo after you are done (we ask that you keep the code open source — whatever OSS license you prefer).
  4. If the app you have built matches the specs we agreed upon, we will release the bounty! If we like the app, we will setup further bounties to help you improve it.

App ideas

This bounty allows you to build whatever app you like on top of the Arweave’s permaweb, but here are some ideas we would love to see:

  • Weavelist: A public mailing list and discussion app, similar to except open and unencrypted.
  • A simple mechanism for verifiably storing predictions for fun. 'I AI will make our toast in the morning by 2030.’ etc.
  • A Wordpress plugin that submits a permanent backup of each post to the Arweave when the user presses ‘Publish’. This could make use of the arweave.php library.

Bounty: $200 in ETH + 500 AR.

6 monthsremaining