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Spell-checker in Patchbay


I've recently been contacted by someone asking for spell-checker integration into patchbay. The reason this peer was asking was because they're quite dyslexic, but don't really want that to be a focus when they participate in conversations in scuttlebutt.

This seems like a really important accessibility issue


I think researching what Patchwork has done around this, looking at what modules are out there that make this easy would be good. The first step is to make sure we can get this integrated, and build stable installers for all platforms (I think that might be the tricky bit with these checkers).

If there's time left, I'd like to expose settings which mean people can opt out of spell-checking, or just run a spell-check manually with a right-click.

I'm hoping we can get funding for this via a gitcoin bounty, or perhaps via open collective.

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