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Music Funding Investor Contract on OpenLaw for UJO



Please record a Podcast with someone from A Music Expert in the ConsenSys Hub, an OpenLaw representative, and an Ujo Representative that describes specifically how to built a 3rd Layer dApp on top of Layer 2 services of UJO and OpenLaw:

I, as an Artist in music
Would like to fund an artist with an OpenLaw contract
That is legally enforceable in at least the US and Canada,
And would like to use that Contract to attract investors in my Art;
Whose music's license rights would live on UJO inextricably by contract,
Thus enabling both me and the investors who believed in my vision
To trust the fair distribution of royalty rights into the future,
When I blow the cap off this mofo.





  • Hard one

    2 days ago

  • I am newbie in bounty. How for work ?

    3 days ago

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    Russell Verbeeten

    Great to hear!

    9 days ago

  • Hello, very much interested in this type of smart contracting use.

    9 days ago

  • Acknowledging this bounty has been discovered by the necessary parties to fulfill. Stand by.

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