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#CCLogo Competition aka Community of Communities






The Blockchain group Community of Communities (CC) has existed as a Telegram and IRL group for a year now, all without a logo to use for branding and gatherings. Hundreds of community professionals involved in the blockchain space make-up this community, all united by the desire to improve, broaden and facilitate the blockchain experience. It’s high time we crowdsourced some authority to the name!

In true community focused fashion, we’d like to crowdsource a logo from a global community of talent through a bounty competition.

Think you have the creative chops to take this on?

This is how it works:

Post your design as a submission for a bounty here.
You should post your work via Twitter, using the hashtag #CCLogoComp. We will create a shortlist comprised of the best submissions and will submit the works to a public Twitter vote.
The top three designs will then go in front of our Community judges who will crown the overall winner - the announcement will be made on May 10th.

Here’s some great tips to consider about logo design for our guest judges:

Think about using a visual double entendre, Community of Communities is a meta group of community professionals in the space. Color is very important to the logo, make sure it “pops”. Avoid the Cliche (duh). Everybody loves custom lettering. K.I.S.S.

Requirements for deliverables:

png, jpeg or gif
vector graphics preferred
dimensions are up to you
roughly square or 3:2 ratio rectangle preferred

Judges will decide the final winner based from the Twitter chosen shortlist

This is a competition, it goes live today and will continue with a round of funding from the Community of Communities!

a yearremaining
1 revisionsexpected





Not Accepted

Vector art. I chose to focus on the concepts behind a Community of Communities:

  1. Unity, exchange (of efforts, resources, knowledge, OSS, …) and an overlap of principles and values.
  2. Second concept is stronger, focusing on unity, but also a duality. Groups can hold different beliefs and opinions and still work towards a common goal.
  3. Waves, the impact of a driven group of people, and many things (poly) working together as part of the decentralized wave that is to come

Not Accepted

Hello! Here's my proposal for Community of Communities.
The symbol, legible as letter C, represents the synergy, ideas in motion, and the balance of unity and variety. The beginning and the end of the letter/symbol are blocks, connecting people, ideas and cultures.

Not Accepted

have many other designs too

Not Accepted

It is simple but meaningful. As you can see the both letter "C" which facing each others are community of communities and the number "1" which was between of them means their have ONE goals when you rephrase it their have same GOALS . But the other side the number 1 can be like a cross , cross means they have a faith in god in their community of communities


Not Accepted

My another 3 logos, I hope you like it :)


Not Accepted

When you say community it is a group of people who have the same interests ,religion, race, and more. I created that logo for symbolising community of communities. As you can see the people who round together , that are the group of people , while the hand inside of their circle are their hands who are helping each other and the last symbol is the HEART in the center which representing their same interests , and soon and so forth as well as their GOALS.

Screenshot (89).png

Not Accepted

The concept is a sphere made of bands or rings. The outer rings of the sphere represent the unifying goals of the meta-group. These goals and technologies are like a wrapper that keeps all the parts inside working together.

People come from different places and with different ideas represented by the swirls of colors inside. I wanted to depict collaboration as the gathering around a table, because I think that's where all the good random ideas come from. To get a sense of something big, and larger than life. So this logo artwork is meant to celebrate the talents and resources coming together in goodwill: to make something bigger than ourselves.

Not Accepted

3D layers of multi-colored data-stacks assemble to form something bigger. I went for a basic tech feel that was also friendly with bold outlines and rounded edges. Structurally it breaks the plane and does not fit squarely in any kind of container. This is to create the sense of something progressive or out of the box. Comic book colors or maybe like colors from a powerpoint graph. Alternate color themes could be explored.

The text font is familiar and technical for a clean and simple feel.

Not Accepted

I've worked on 4 different models, all versions are composed of striking colors, elements related to blockchain and its ecosystem managed by multiple communities.
The above link is available for individual viewing of each logo. I hope you like it.


Tried to make a symmetric block shaped logo aligned with current trends.