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Refer a travel manager who negotiates hotel contracts


Do you happen to know someone who is a travel manager or Finance lead for a company that spends > $20 million annually on travel?

If they negotiate more than 50 contracts per year for hotel discounts, then they are likely to benefit from a new product we've built, Smart Hotel Rate: https://smarthotelrate.io/

Definition of Done

  • Introduce Smart Hotel Rate (us) to the person you know personally who manages their company's $20M+ travel spend.

  • When your qualified lead completes a 30-minute interview with Smart Hotel Rate, the bounty will be complete and ETH will be released to your wallet


A correct submission must:

1) Introduce Smart Hotel Rate to an interested party who is not already engaged with SHR and who manages $20M+ in annual travel spend

2) Be an email sent to both john.packel@consensys.net and the preferred business email address of the interested party

3) Provide a warm introduction that will facilitate a discussion about corporate travel and hotel negotiations. Here's a sample email in which Akila (the referrer) introduces Boris (the interested party) to Smart Hotel Rate (us) because Boris manages his company's travel program.

Hi, Boris -

I recently learned about an exciting new product that ConsenSys (the world's leading blockchain venture production studio) is building to help corporate travel managers find out how much they are losing in savings from their negotiated contracts: Smart Hotel Rate. https://smarthotelrate.io/

Smart Hotel Rate is looking for people who manage travel for companies spending more than $20 million annually on travel and who have 50 or more negotiated hotel contracts. Would you be interested in spending 30 minutes on the phone with their team to give feedback on your travel management role and their product?



4) Your qualified lead responds to the introduction and completes a 30-minute interview with Smart Hotel Rate (no obligations to purchase).

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Jaidev Gupte

Upstream Travel & Tour
Contact: Sir Upstream AY
Manager (Ekiti and Lagos Region)


Martin Schellenberg


cc'ed John on email to the TRV