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Feedback on User Experience for UUnit – Crypto Mass Adoption - Community Projected Value: $2/UUnit




UUnit is distributing the next generation digital gold for free to create the Universal UUnit of value. This recently launched ambitious project is using invite only, free peer-to-peer distribution of UUnits. By joining UUnit with as little as one click, users become part of a global network to achieve broad distribution and mass adoption of a new cryptocurrency. UUnit is focused on engagement and real social contracts to build a future currency as a store of value open to everyone, whether you’re involved with cryptocurrency or never before held a token.

While UUnits are distributed for free to drive mass adoption, the estimated future value of the UUnit comes from the community. Each member makes their own estimate of the value of UUnits compared to the most traditional traded store of value – the 8 Trillion-dollar physical gold market. The community that has reserved UUnits to date, estimate the value of 1 UUnit above $1.

The peer-to-peer referral system of the UUnit.io platform is dynamic and includes additional features for users including sending UUnits to their network connections and friends. As with any application, optimizing the user experience is key to scaling our community.

To earn 1000 UUnits, we invite you to sign-up for the UUnit community and pressure test our site by referring other users, exploring the dynamic community functions, and documenting your experience. Here are some key areas where we request your feedback:

1) Ease of initial sign-up (pre-registration), and finding a community member to refer you and verify you in the system
2) General and technical experience of growing the network with additional referral and unlocking UUnits through tasks
3) Responsiveness of team members to questions posed on UUnit social media
4) Areas of improvement in the user interface – visual and clarity of content
5) Other – Be creative, we welcome new perspectives on our user experience and interface

Definition of Done

  • Screen shots or visuals of all steps, screens, and interactions with the uunit.io platform.
  • Written commentary on the 5 areas listed above – both what was positive and negative in your experience.


A correct submission in the following formats:

  • High resolution screenshots or videos
  • Written commentary per screen interface, and action
  • Written overall summary with commentary on your experience.
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