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Design a t-shirt and/or sticker for #GetThatGwei



graphic design



Bitcoin has #StackingSats, now Ethereum has #GetThatGwei. Design a t-shirt and/or sticker for #GetThatGwei, and get some gwei while you're at it.

The top 2 submissions will be paid out for this bounty. We'll accept input from the community on which one to choose.

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back of t-shirt

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 2.53.17 PM.png

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My 2nd take… I use Ethereum logo with stripes "0.000000001" that is the equivalent of 1 GWEI and a hand "getting" it :)


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I use Ethereum logo with stripes "0.000000001" that is the equivalent of 1 GWEI and a hand "getting" it :)


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T-shirt design for #GetThatGwei

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 1.58.09 AM.png


Hi, here are my 3 different T-shirt designs.
It was very fun doing this, hope the community likes!

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Some pictures in the file hosting :)

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ZIP file contains the original SVG file - this can be easily modified to fit other backgrouns/contexts



Space-Age Street Art Blockchain Concept

Please see the web link for a quick overview of the designs contained in the zip folder.

Tried to think about the kinds of shirts I see in shop windows and the kinds of stickers that you see around on laptops and stuff.

visualizing transaction bits and pieces as fragments
Ideas of networks and linked information gateways with bits of gwei manifesting out from it.

I like the idea of a perfectly square sticker, but it could be round, hexagon, or any shape really. Colors can also be shifted around to taste, i've shown a few examples of different colors.

For the TEXT:

Fast written 'hand script' implies speed of network and doing things fast but also in style. Forward / Aggressive attitude shows commitment from community to #GetThatGwei . Text styled to create the idea of a long-lasting mantra or goal, not just a passing trend.


Tried to capture the spirit of a movement or a collective idea of forward momentum with space-age technology.

Had a lot of fun with this artwork, hope you enjoy it or find it inspiring in some way. Revisions and such are possible. I own the rights to the original art and can fully release them to creative commons if needed.

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I wanted to keep it cryptic but also interesting for people to ask, “hey, what is that?”. The design is based upon the tears of Ra (Egyptian Eye of Ra), should be internationally recognisable. The middle symbol under the Ether symbol references a paper clip, meaning work and the bottom symbol references a house or tent, meaning community. I was not sure about the distance we needed to stay away from the Ether symbol. If more distance is necessary for trade mark reasons, it could also be done with 3 elements, first the arrow head, then the paper clip and then the house, symbolising, “Forward, Work, Together”. Awaiting your feed back. Thanks for the Bounty opportunity!


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Hi, hope you're having a wonderful day!
I wanted to submit my 4 different #GetThatGwei Tshirt and Stickers designs, including mockups.
Hopefully, the community likes my designs and both of the best picks are among them ^-^
Best wishes :)