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Create MVP using DCore features







Founded in 2015, DECENT is one of the first blockchain companies. DECENT has developed their own blockchain protocol; DCore, a platform that empowers users to create or migrate applications into a blockchain environment. Cooperating closely with top investment funds and incubators, DECENT is dedicated to building an ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to help developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future, especially within the media and entertainment industries.

Feel free to join our public DECENT Bounties channel for questions -

Create a minimal viable product (MVP) using DCore. The best demonstration of DCore would be to use available methods in your MVP like:

Prize Amounts

  • First Prize: 5.4 ETH
  • Second Prize: 4 ETH

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged based on:

  • How unique and novel the use of the API is.
  • How useful the judges think the application could be to target customers or businesses.


Definition of done

  • Video recording of working application or MVP


A correct submission will:

  • Contain a URL to public repository with code
  • Include references to DCore documentation in
  • Screenshots where needed
  • Instructions for setting up the tools and environment
  • Be polished enough that the DECENT Foundation can repost it on various social media
  • Clear and easily understandable English





  • Charles Okaformbah

    Took me a day and a half trying to find my way around setting up an account via API before I gave up and sent you a reply. Will be nice to document what I am building. Which I think you already created another bounty for. Joining your Telegram.

    8 minutes ago

  • Charles Okaformbah

    Sorry I just saw this your response. Didn't know you reply. was expecting a notification via email like the previous response. Here is a public video of what I was able to come up with.

    14 minutes ago

  • circle


    Can you join our public channel, so we can to discuss this issues easier? You just need to have Telegram and click on this link Regarding seeders, you could see them by command `list_seeders_by_rating 5` more info could be find here Good point on parameters difference, we will note it down. For dynamically setting account - we are considering to make faucet so anyone can set this accounts up and running. Regarding bounty, do you plan to submit some MVP ? There is 3 hours remaining till deadline.

    4 hours ago

  • Charles Okaformbah

    Also I am running into some challenges based on your documentation. I know you have a bounty for it already but I had to post these here so that I get feedback. Hope to get the bounty for it as well :-) Regarding the create account in the documentation ( and github( for the arguments are different and no explanation on the paraments being feed to the github repo. The web documentation accepts 5 parameters and the php document on github accepts 6 parameters. Also I am confused between create account and register account method. $dcoreApi->getAccountApi()->registerAccount() My understanding is that a new user will need an existing user to register an account but is there a method that helps a new user to generate a new account. Let say I am setting up a platform where users register on my site and I want to dynamically setup a wallet for them upon registration. I can use my account to register them on the dcore blockchain but how do I dynamically setup their own account without them going to register on web platform.

    9 days ago

  • Charles Okaformbah

    Hello guys, is there a like a testnet or sample seeder to use for content upload? In the example you use, I can see seeder 1.2.17 and 1.2.18, are they test seeders.

    9 days ago

  • circle


    Hello, yes, it's still running, there is 10 days remaining till end.

    10 days ago

  • Charles Okaformbah

    Is this contest still on?

    14 days ago