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Your feedback on Ramp Network - peer2peer fiat to crypto swaps




Give it a go and deliver feedback

Ramp Network is looking for testers! Our app allows you to swap crypto assets for fiat currency without the intermediating party, i.e. the exchange.

Bounty description

Trade with more security and better UX. We at Ramp aim to onboard more people to crypto without three hour long talk addressing the all time question "How the hell do I get it?!".

We want you to use Ramp Swaps and share your feedback. Give it a go it and get back to us with your opinion. Be sure to check out the landing page and promo materials too. Do just that and snatch the bounty.

To use the app, you'll need to contact us and ask us for a purchase link. Do that via or DM at @

Definition of Done

  • You go through the application flow and deliver feedback report using feedback form. This typically takes no more than 15 min.
  • We arrange and conduct a short call to go over your feedback. This typically takes no more than 20 min.


  • To be eligible for testing you must have a bank account in one of these UK banks (Starling, Co-op, Metro, TSB, Barclays, FirstDirect, HSBC, Natwest, Ulster, RBS)







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